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Region: Strandir
Coordinates: 65.9950° N 21.3300° W

Farm Finnbogastadir is situated on the cove Trekyllisvik in the Strandir District.

Sagas of Iceland According to the Saga of Finnbogi Rammi (The Strong), he had to move from the northern part of the country because of the persecution of his enemies and built a farm, which he named after himself. He also built a church, which later was moved to the farm Baer, and still later to farm Arnes, which still is a church site.

A school was established at Finnbogastadir in 1929, and its present buildings date back to 1933. It has been operated as a boarding school for decades. A telephony and telegraph station (1939) and a post office (1947) were operated there for several decades.

The farmers of the Strandir District were renowned for the shark fisheries, and such an outfit existed at Finnbogastadir until 1916. One of the open boats used for those fisheries, tools, large pots and barrels used for the processing of the shark liver and meat are displayed in the Folk Museum at Reykir on the other side of the Hrutafjordur Bay.

There is a school at Finnbogastadir, that run accommodation in summertime.

Finnbogastadir is on Saga Trail Strandit

Fimmbogastadir in Icelandic

Basking Shark

Picture: Finnbogi Jonsson 2014

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