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Region: Strandir
Coordinates: 66.111° N 21.70° W

The Drangaskord Pinnacles are among the most prominent landmarks of the country.  They are located just north of the Drangavik Cove and the outermost part of Mt Skardafjall.

Sagas of IcelandThe cove and the farm Drangar derive their names from the pinnacles.  Their number is either 5 or 7, but those who lived in the vicinity always counted five.  Two of them are split, which makes it possible to count seven.

Drangaskord are visible from far away in both directions along the coastline and seem to enchant people and draw them closer.  A walk though one of the passes is unforgettable.  The northeasternmost, Signyjargotuskard, one was the most frequented, but sometimes during winter, when the surface was covered with ice and hard snow, the pass Kalfskard was used.


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