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Region: Strandir
Coordinates: 65.94° N 21.55° W

The abandoned farm Kuvikur is on the Reykjarfjordur Bay. For a long time the district’s only trading post was situated there, or until Bordeyri on the Hruta Bay was authorized in 1846.

Sagas of IcelandAccording to Danish sources Kuvikur was described as the only liver oil trading post of the country, because of the important trading in shark liver oil. In the wake of the Danish trade monopoly, the merchants took up permanent residence in the trading posts all over the country.

Kuvikur remained inhabited well into the 20th century, but gradually the people moved to Djupavik during the so-called Herring Adventure until no one was left. Prior to this development, shark fishing was the most important source of income and two big pots used for the liver oil processing lie half buried in the home fields as reminders of the past. Norwegian businessmen built a herring processing plant just east of Kuvikur shortly after the turn of the 20th century and named it Hekla.

Kuvikur is on Saga Trail Strandir

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