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Kaldrananes Church

Region: Strandir
Coordinates: 65.7622387° N 21.4068607° W

This church belongs to the Holmavik benefice in the Hunavatn deanery on the Bjarnarfiord Sydri Bay. Catholic churches there were dedicated to the Holy Mother, Archangel Michael and bishop Thorlakur the Holy. The present church was built in 1851 and counts as the second oldest house of the district. It is made of wood covered with corrugated iron and in 1888 a steeple was added to it. Other alterations were carried out until 1892, such as a new altar; new windows and the pews were restored. The pulpit from 1787 remained unchanged, but was painted to match the pews and the altar. At the same time the whole church was painted for the first time.

The farmers of Kaldrananes owned the church until it became the possession of the congregation after 1950. Among the precious artefacts of the church are the altarpiece, a chalice, a paten and two bells with the year 1798 inscribed. The latest restoration of the church took place around the year 2000, when a new wall around the cemetery was built.

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Kaldrananes Church in Icelandic

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