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Guesthouse Malarhorn

Region: Strandir
Coordinates: 65.6937° N 21.4580° W

Accommodation at Malarhorn Drangsnes

At Malarhorn Guesthouse you are able to find diversity of accommodation.
Please kindly note that from 1. October – 14. May all prices exclude breakfast. Breakfast and dinner are available from 15. May – 30. September each year.

All prices from 15. May – 30. September include breakfast.

The restaurant is closed during winter. During winter we kindly advice that dinner and breakfast is available in Holmavik at Strandagaldur café.

Shared kitchen facilities are only available for guests booked in rooms with shared bathroom facilities in House number 2.

We offer accommodation for about 50 guests as well we have private apartments with bath, living room and kitchen.

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