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Region: Strandir
Coordinates: 65.60° N 21.5080° W

Goddalur is an abandoned farm in a valley by the same name on the Southern Bjarnarfjordur Bay.

According to tradition a temple stood there during pagan times and quite a few legends tell us about enchanted Sagas of Icelandspots in the valley. One of the rare plants of the country, heath rush (Juvus spuarrosus) is thrives there and in several places warm and hot springs exist.

An avalanche destroyed the farm in December 1948 and six people were killed. Because of bad weather no one could get to the farm until four days later and only the farmer and his daughter were found alive. The girl died shortly afterwards. Three of the farmer’s children were at school at the time. In 1998 this catastrophe was commemorated with a memorial situated below the so-called Bjarnarfjardarhals, about 300 m from the lowest lying curve in the road. The farm has been abandoned since the accident.

Strandir Saga Trail

Goddalur in Icelandic



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