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Holmavik Church

Region: Strandir
Coordinates: 65.7064073° N 21.6699663° W

The Holmavik church belongs to the Holmavik benefice in the Hunavatn deanery. The construction of the first church there started in 1957, but the cemetery was consecrated in 1938 and Holmavik has been the seat of the Reverend since 1948. The Lutheran bishop of the country consecrated the church on Ascension Day in 1968. It was built on the Stake Mound and designed by the architect Gunnar Olafsson, who died during the construction period and Mr. Sveinn Kjarval took over and designed the interior and equipment systems except for the altar and pulpit, which are made of fur like the whole interior.

The church was built of reinforced concrete and it seats about 150. Two windows in the choir are stained. The organ (Allan) was consecrated on the first Sunday in June 1978. A crucifix decorates the wall above the altar instead of an altarpiece and four copper candlesticks are on the altar. The baptismal is made of Icelandic dolerite and fur and a replica of the statue of John the apostle from the cathedral in Nidaros in Norway was donated by the Rev. Andres Olafsson and his wife in 1983, when he retired. The church bells were made in Capanni in Italy and are automatically operated.

Those who want to visit the church have to ask for the key at the parsonage at Kopanesbraut 17 or contact the churchwarden.


Holmavik Church in Icelandic

Photo Credit: TommyBee

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