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Region: Westfjords
Coordinates: 65.6318755° N 22.0540689° W

About Thorskafjardarheidi

The road across this mountain area was mostly carved through the rocky slopes and barren gravel hills enroute to the Langidalur Valley on the large Isafiord Bay in the north during the years 1940-46. Its highest point lies about 490 m above sea level and usually the first snow of winter makes closes it down. Therefore another mountain road between the village Holmavik of the Strandir District and the Isafiord Bay was opened in 1984. Where those two roads cross stands an emergency hut from 1956 and the ruins of an older one further north.

The Thorskafiord Bay is about 16 km long. It is narrow and during low tides a large part of it dries up because of the constant transport of sand and gravel of the two good sea char rivers, Thorskafjardara and Musara, which spill into it. Riders travelling through the area used the low tides to ford the bay between the farms Skogar and Muli. An old bridle path across the Moorland Thorskafjardarheidi lies from the farm Muli to the Isafiord Bay.

Thorskafjardarheidi in Icelandic

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