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Region: Strandir
Coordinates: 65.9167° N 21.2833° W

About Speni

Speni is a mound between the cove Kolbeinsvik and Skreflur. It resembles a woman’s breast from the distance because of a tuft on its top. The mound is a landmark for the boundaries between the two counties, Kaldrananes and Arnes.

Bishop Gudmundur the Good and the ogre

Sagas of Iceland

According to the legend, an ogre lived in a cave in Mt Skreflufjall. She hated the presence of the farm Kolbeinsvik and tried repeatedly to drive the farmer away. Several times she attempted to kill all the people, but in vain. Once Bishop Guðmundur the Good spent a night at the farm with his escort. The same night the ogre strode up the mountain and released a landslide to bury the farm. The bishop woke up and went outside at once. He realized at once what was happening, stretched out his arms and shouted: “Dear Lord, help us, I am not strong enough to cope”. Immediately the landslide stopped where it is still nowadays.

Speni is on Saga Trail Strandit

Speni in Icelandic

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