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Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 65.555° N 18.604° W

Lake Hraunsvatn has an area of 1,5 km². Its greatest depth is 10-12 m and it is situated at 492 m above sea level just below the strange pinnacle called Hraundrangi (1075m). The catch is lake char, up to 6 pounders. The walking distance uphill is about 2,5 km (½-1 hour).

One of the country’s most renowned poets, Jonas Hallgrimsson, was brought up at the farm Hraun in the valley below the lake. His father was a clergyman there and drowned in the lake when Jonas was a child.

The distance from the capital is 356 km, and 37 km from Akureyri.

Hraunsvatn in Icelandic

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