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Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 65.7255826° N 18.2496867° W

About Thelamork

Thelamork is an area in the eastern part of Valley Horgardalur, down below farm Baegisa. Road #1 passes through it across the mountain shoulder Moldhaugnahals. Above it, the ledgelike slope rises to the top of Mt Vindheimajokull (1,454 m). The slope ledges rise about 330 feet above the valley floor, and their northernmost part is called Laugalandsheidi.

Farm Laugaland is an ancient church site, and as the name suggests, there is thermal activity in the area. In 1943-45, a swimmingpool was constructed near the farm and in 1965 the boarding school Thelamork was opened, this pool now has glazed railings to give it a very nice modern touch. Like in so many other such schools, a summer hotel is operated during the holidays. A large, fenced off area on the property of farm Vaglir, is used for forestation and the Water Works of town Akureyri.

Thelamork in Icelandic

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