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Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 65.9190139° N 18.1723528° W

The old rectory at Laufas is under the administration of the National Museum.  The oldest part of the farm was built in 1840 and in the years 1866-1870, Rev. Bjorn Halldorsson had the rectory enlarged and old part renovated.  The old rectory at Laufas is considered to be the prototype of the Icelandic architecture (many gables side by side), but much larger than most other such complexes.  Usually, between 20 and 30 people lived at Laufas because many farmhands were needed to reap the benefits of the farm, such as the haymaking, the fishing in the river and the collection of eiderdown along the coastline.  The members of the Women’s Society of the district, Hlin, collected various old things, appliances, utensils, furniture and tools and gave them to the old rectory to make it look like it did, when it was occupied.  The rectory was rebuilt in 1956 and during the years 1978-1980 thorough reparations were carried out.  In the year 2000 further restorations were commenced.  Rev. Thorvardur Thormar was the last one to occupy the old rectory.  He and his people moved to the new one in 1936.  The old rectory has not been occupied since. The following rectory (1936) is used for the catering of the visitors, offering a simple menu consisting of traditional national refreshments.

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