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Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 65.6884921° N 18.1261693° W
Weather: °C, Wind at km/h, % Humidity
Population: 18,191

The fourth largest town of the country is often called “The Capital of the North” and also “The Danish Town”. Its oldest parts are situated on the southernmost narrow strip of land and the spit of land, called “Oddeyri”, at the end of the long bay Eyjafiordur. The younger parts are in the slopes above and the former community Glera Village, north of river Glera.
The original trading post received its municipal rights with the capital and three others in 1786. These rights of Akureyri were revoked, but granted again in 1862.

It boasts of a thriving cultural life, artists shops and galleries, museums, a college, a university and other schools.
Its older church is one of the most beautiful of the country and well worth visiting.

The skiing resort in the slopes of Mt Hlidarfjall, just west of town, is one of the best and popular in the country.
The Botanical Garden (Lystigardur) and the recreational forest Kjarnaskogur attract many visitors.

The town offers all necessary services to travellers, many interesting sightseeing tours, angling in lakes, rivers and the sea, a colourful nightlife etc. If you are travelling in winter to the west across the moorland Oxnadalsheidi, you should take a look at the current road and weather conditions.

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