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Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 65.7455826° N 18.2496867° W

During ancient times, Gasir was the most important trading post of the North. It is located just south of the estuaries of River Horga and north of the farm Gaesir. It also served as a point of departure and arrival for travellers abroad.

Sagas of IcelandThis small village is mentioned in sources dating back to the 13th century and the last time in 1391. The harbour most probably gradually was filled with alluvium and the place stopped serving its purpose. According to the documented sources, the church was blown off its foundations in 1390. Obvious ruins of houses, the church and the cemetery finally were too tempting for the archaeologists when funds were granted for the project.

Preliminary research was set off in the year 2001 and then the excavations started in 2002. The archaeologists are going to continue their work during the months July and August 2003 and offer a sightseeing tour through the area in Icelandic, English and German. They charge Ikr 300.- (2011) per person for the tour. For further information look up and contact.
In 2007 the future of Gasir was decided. The area is to be used for a viking village, which is to be constructed during the next few years.

Gasir is on North Iceland Saga Trail

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