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Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 65.7068° N 17.8910° W

About Vaglaskogur

Vaglaskogur is the second largest forest of the country. It is situated in the valley Fnjoskadalur in the northern part of the country. Its area is about 400 ha and it has a few of the highest trees in the country. The birches reach the height of about 13 meters. One of the most important tree nurseries is located there and the forest keeps expanding by the year. In the past, the farmers destroyed the wooded areas systematically to increase by overexploiting the area.

The heaps of slag all over the valley bear witness to this activity during the centuries. The government bought the area called Vaglir in 1905 to preserve this wooded area and in the year 1908 the first warden was appointed. Many foreign species of trees (about 100) have been imported, mainly from the same latitudes, to experiment with in different locations of the country. Tree felling is practiced in the forest and the timber is used for fence poles, fire wood and furniture.

Vaglaskogur in Icelandic

Photo Credit: Axel Kristinsson

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