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Grund Church

Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 65.5191565° N 18.1549251° W

This church belongs to the Laugaland benefice of the Eyjafiord deanery. Grund has been a church site from ancient times. Catholic churches were dedicated to Laurence the Martyr. Farmer Magnus Sigurdsson at Grund built the present church and financed it personally. He also cut its window panes.

Sagas of IcelandThis church is one of the most splendid churches of the country and the largest one built by an individual. A few of the valuable assets of the church are kept in the National Museum of Iceland, among them a chalice from the 15th century and a chair from the time of Thorunn, the daughter of Jon Arason, the last catholic bishop at Holar. The church is the property of the farmer.

Grund is on North Iceland Saga Trail

Grund Church in Icelandic

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Nearby Grund Church

Nearby Grund Church

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