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Hlidarfjall ski area

Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 65.6884921° N 18.1561693° W

For nearly 60 years, the mountain Hlidarfjall has been one of the prime skiing areas in Iceland.
The hallmarks of Hlidarfjall are high quality snow, extensive cross country tracks and exciting ski slopes with a breathtaking view of Eyjafjordur, extending as far as Mount Herdubreid, the queen of Icelandic mountains. Recently purchased snow blowers are capable of providing fine skiing conditions during the entire winter. The diverse environment ensures that all skiers can find a situation to suit even the most demanding taste. No matter whether you are a beginner or thoroughly experienced in tackling challenging mountain slopes, you will at all times be able to seek advice and assistance from skiing and snowboard trainers, who will demonstrate the basics, fine tune your style, or introduce you to the Carving technique.

Our favourites, the children, are cared for at the Hlidarfjall Ski School for Children. Longer ski and snowboard courses are also on offer. A ski and snowboard rental is operated at Hlidarfjall, where all equipment may be rented, including ski suits.

Here is a map of the skiing area 2024.

Hlidarfjall map 2024

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