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Franzhellir Eyvindarhola

Franzhellir or 'Franz' cave is about 15-20 minutes' walk east of Reykjarvatn in... more

Murders and Executions West Iceland

According to the Book of Settlements and the Sturlunga Saga, many murders,... more

Dalir Saga Trail

Saga trail: Dalir... more

Myrar and Snaefellsnes Saga Trail

Saga Trail: Myrar and Snaefellsnes area Myrar and Southern Snaefellnes... more

Borgarfjordur Saga Trail

Saga Trail: Borgarfjordur area WHALE... more


Presently a farm at the end of a synonymous cove south of the town... more


This farm is on the northern shore of the Hof’s Cove in the Helgafell... more

Budir church

The Budir church is in the benefice of Ingjaldsholl and the Snaefell- and Dalir... more


The houses of the farm are situated at the high edge of the lava field, where... more


Mr Skallagrimur Kveldulfsson advised Mr Oleifur hjalti to settle between rivers... more


Egil's Saga mentions, that Steinar Önundarson requested the help of Chieftain... more


Farm Katanes was originally the settlement of Kalman the South Islander, who... more


Tverfell is the easternmost farm in valley Lundareykjadalur, to the north of... more


Gardar in Akranes is a former manor and a church site The Book of... more


Mt Akrafjall (643m) is a prominent landmark from the capital area to the north... more


Farm Melar in county Leirar- and Melasveit was the abode of the Melar dynasty,... more

Leira Farm

Farm Leira in county Leirar and Melasveit was a church site and a mansion for a... more

West Iceland Saga

Borgarfjordur area Saga trail West WHALE... more


St Mary’s Harbour is an ancient trading post on Cove Laxarvogur of the Whale... more


The spit of land Hvalfjardareyri is on the southern shores of the Whale... more


Geirsholmur is a round shaped, rocky islet near the Thyrill Headland on the... more


The Whale Bay The beautiful Whale Bay branches into the mountainous landscapes... more


Helgafell (The Holy Mound) is a parsonage at the foot of a high rocky mound by... more


Baula (934 metres) is a cone shaped, rhyolite laccolith to the west of The... more


The official magistrate assemblies for County Andakill took place at farm... more


Bjarnarhofn is an old estate at the foot of the freestanding Mt... more


Hvitarvellir is a farm near the former road # 1 and the largest arch bridge of... more


Hitardalur is an old estate, synonymous with the valley further east, which was... more

Bjarnareyjar Islands Breidafjordur

These islands are the southernmost of the so-called Western Islands of the... more

Jorfi farm in Valley Haukadalur

Jorfi is a well known farm in Valley Haukadalur, where popular annual... more

Haukadalur West Iceland

Valley Haukadalur is rather wide and well vegetated It contains a trout lake... more

Gilsfjordur Ogres

Once there were three night ogres, who intended to cut the Westjords from the... more


Eiriksstadir is an abandoned farmstead in the Haukadalur valley According to... more

Farm Breidabolstadur

Farm Breidabolstadur is a church site, a former parsonage, and the residence of... more


The Crucifix Mounds are on road #590, just west of the crossing by Asgardur... more

Hjardarholt Church

Hjardarholt is a farm and was a parsonage until the 20th century in the Laxa... more

Hvammur Church

Farm Hvammur is a parsonage and a church site in Hvammur County of the Dalir... more

Reykholt Church

A church was built in Reykholt in the early years of Christianity in... more

Hvanneyri Church

This church belongs to the Hvanneyri benefice in the Borgarfiord deanery During... more

Oddbjarnarsker Island

About Island Oddbjarnarsker This westernmost islet of the Breidafiord Bay is... more

Melrakkaey Island

About Melrakkaey Island his small island is situated at the mouth of the... more

Ingjaldsholl Church

This former parsonage and estate, outside the boundaries of the NP, was the... more

Londrangar Cliffs

About Londrangar and Thufubjarg Londrangar are two prominent rocks, protruding... more

Hvalvatn Lake

About Hvalvatn Lake Lake Hvalvatn has an area of 4,1 km², it reaches a depth... more

Hjorsey Island

About Hjorsey Island Hjorsey has an area of 5,5 km2 It is the largest island... more

Kaldidalur Route F-550

Kaldidalur Route F-550 Kaldidalur (The Cold Valley route-550) is the... more

Olafsdalur Farm

About Olafsdalur The abandoned farm Olafsdalur is in a synonymous valley in... more

Oxl, Axlar-Bjorn serial killers of Iceland,

About Oxl Farm Oxl is located in County Breiduvikurhreppur, near Hotel Budir... more

Oxney Island

About Oxney Island Oxney is the second largest island off the Skogarstrond... more

Raudamelur Ytri Church Farm

The houses of the farm are situated at the high edge of the lava field, where... more

Rifgirdingar Islands

About Rifgirdingar Islands Islands Rifgirdingar almost close the mouth of the... more

Sanda Village

About Sanda Village The remainders of a base, built by the British and... more

Saudafell Farm

About Saudafell Farm Saudafell and former church site is situated in the... more

Saudeyjar Islands

About Saudeyjar Islands Islands Saudeyjar are situated in the northwest corner... more

Saurbaer Church

The parsonage Saurbaer is situated in the county Hvalfjordur Coast During... more

Skaleyjar Islands

About Skaleyjar Islands This group of islands comprises of about 160 islands,... more

Skard Church Farm

Skard is a farm, a church site and was a large estate for centuries in the... more

Stadarfell Church

Stadarfell is an ancient estate and a church site of County Fellsstrond It is... more

Stadur Parsonage

The parsonage Stadur (or Stadarstadur) has been a church site for centuries... more

Stagley Island

About Stagley Island Island Stagley is the southernmost of the Vestureyjar... more


About Straumfjordur Gunnlaugur (Gudlaugur) Thorfinnsson, the great grandfather... more


About Sturlureykir Sturlureykir is a farm in the Reykholt Valley in the... more

Svefneyjar Island

About Island Svefneyjar Islands Svefneyjar form the innermost part of the... more

Thorisholmi Island

About Island Thorisholmi This island is situated about three km to the south... more

Thyrill, Whale Bay

About Thyrill The name Thyrill applies to a mountain (388 m) and a farm on the... more


About Hallbjarnarvordur This topographic name literally means The Cairns of... more

Brunnar – Egilsafangi

About Brunnar This topographic name literally means The Wells, which cover... more

Biskupsbrekka Slope

About Biskupsbrekka The green Bishop's Slope in the western interior, near the... more

Klakkeyjar Islands

About Islands Klakkeyjar Islands Klakkeyjar are just north of Island Hrappsey... more

Hvallatur Islands

About Islands Hvallatur Islands Hvallatur comprise of three, long and parallel... more

Hrappsey Island

About Island Hrappsey This island is just southwest of Island Purkey,... more

Hoskuldsey Island

About Hoskuldsey Island Hoskuldsey is about 450 m long and 150 m wide The farm... more

Hergilsey Island

About Hergilsey The first documented source mentioning this island is the... more

Gvendareyjar Islands

About Gvendareyjar Islands Gvendareyjar are located off the Skogarstrond... more

Gjardeyjar Islands

About Gjardeyjar This group of islands is situated to the east of Island... more

Ellidaey Island

About Island Ellidaey This is rather a large island to the northwest of the... more

Brokey Island

About Brokey This is the largest of the islands of the Breidafiord Bay and... more

Bjarneyjar Islands

About Bjarneyjar These islands are the southernmost of the so-called Western... more


About Hraunfossar The unique and picturesque waterfalls called Hraunfossar... more


About Surtshellir Surtshellir is the longest and most renowned cave in Iceland... more


About Skorradalur Valley Skorradalur is the southernmost of the socalled... more


Reykholt is one of the most important historical places in Iceland and a... more


Farm Gilsbakki is also a church site in County Hvitarsida, District... more

Borg in Myrar

About Borg in Mýrar The parsonage Borg is situated a short distance northeast... more


About Laugarbrekka Laugarbrekka is an abandoned farm in the Breidavik County... more


Holaholar Holaholar is a group of craters on the southwestern Snaefell’s... more


About Gullborgarhraun During the relatively short eruption 2,600 years ago,... more


Um Eldborg The the surroundings (100 m above sea level) It is oblong in... more


Einarslon Einarslon is an abandoned farm to the west of the lighthouse at... more

Djupalon & Dritvik Coves

Djupalon og Dritvik Djupalon is a pebble beach cove with bizarre lava... more

Kirkjufell & Kirkjufellsfoss

About Kirkjufell Mt Kirkjufell (463m) is a beautifully shaped and a symmetric,... more


Bulandshofdi Olafsvik The headland Bulandshofdi falls steep into the sea to... more


A former site of a farm, that was abandoned as early as around the year 1000,... more


The central western peninsula, Snaefellsnes, is one of the most Saga invested... more

Alftafjordur West Iceland

About Alftafjordur The Bay of the Whooper Swans is the easternmost one on the... more

Laugar, Saelingsdalur Valley

Saelingsdalur Valley, District Dalir, is well vegetated and sheltered between... more


Husafell is in one of Iceland’s few woodlands and is therefore popular among... more

Budir Snaefellsnes

Budir, on the southwestern shores of Snaefellsnes, is very popular goal because... more


About Hellnar At Hellnar there is a natural sea port, which was one of the... more

Arnarstapi Snaefellsnes

Arnarstapi is a fishing hamlet at the foot of the low Mt Stapafell on the... more


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