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Stadur Parsonage

Region: West Iceland
Coordinates: 64.7815255° N 23.0508787° W

The parsonage Stadur (or Stadarstadur) has been a church site for centuries. During Catholic times the churches were dedicated to the holy mother of god.

Sagas of IcelandIn the parish, annexed churches were at Sydri-Gardar and Gaul and in 1712 a church was consecrated at Budir and another one at Hellnar in 1917. The county Stadarsveit is boggy and dotted with small lakes and streams. Therefore the main travelling route traced the higher lying riverbanks and elongated ridge Olduhryggur past Parsonage Stadur. One of the farmers there in the past built a stonewall with one gate across the ridge and started collecting toll, which was so unpopular among the travellers, that one morning the farmer was found hanged on one of the gate posts.

One of the most renowned historian and writer of the 13. century, Ari the Learned, who wrote The Book of the Icelanders, lived at Stadur. Thordur Sturluson, the brother of historian and writer Snorri Sturluson, lived there as well. His descendants lived there and ruled. Four of the reverends of Stadur became bishops. In 1981 a memorial of Ari the Learned by sculptor Ragnar Kjartansson was unveiled at Stadur. The legend about Loftur the Sorcerer has its last stages of events there.

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Stadarstadur is on West Iceland Saga Trail

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