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Region: West Iceland
Coordinates: 64.883333° N 23.663333° W

Bulandshofdi Olafsvik

The headland Bulandshofdi falls steep into the sea to the east of the fishing village Olafsvik, which suffered isolation before a road was built there and also past the western headland Enni. Both headlands were difficult to conquer by travelers in the past, especially during winter when the steep slopes were too slippery for a safe journey.

Sagas of IcelandFossilized seashells from the earlier epochs of the Ice age were discovered in the strata between 135 and 180 m above the present sea level. They opened the possibility to research the climatic fluctuations of the Ice age. On top of these strata are glacier scraped lavas. Similar clues about the climatic history of the Ice age are only to be found in one other place, Ellidavogur in the capital area. Equally old strata also exist in the surrounding mountains of the headland.

Bulandshofdi is on West Iceland Saga Trail

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