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Region: West Iceland
Coordinates: 64.9016632° N 23.9422345° W

About Gufuskalar

Before the farm Gufuskalar was abandoned in 1948, it was the westernmost one on the Snaefellsnes peninsula. Its land was large and on it are hundreds of fishermen’s huts and storage sheds for their processed catch. These sheds and huts are not easily noticeable in the lava fields because they blend so well into the landscape. This of course means that there were quite a few fishing outfits along the coastline of Gufuskalar, as there were almost along the entire westernmost part of coastline of the peninsula.

A few topographic names remind of the Irish settlements on the peninsula, such as The Irish Outfit, The Irish Rock, and The Irish Well. This well was one of few places where fresh water could be fetched. Sixteen steps led down to the water and then the well gradually was filled with sand. Recently it was excavated by volunteers and is open to the public.

In 1959 a telegraph- and a loran station was built at Gufuskalar. The highest structure of the country still stands there, a 412 m high mast, now a transmitter for one of the channels of the National Radio to people at sea to the west of the country. Since 1970, a weather observation station has been operated there as well. Nowadays Gufuskalar is the training centre of rescue corps and outdoor activity.

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