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Budir church

Region: West Iceland
Coordinates: 64.840202° N 23.36071° W

The Budir church is in the benefice of Ingjaldsholl and the Snaefell- and Dalir Deanery. The first church was built there in 1703. It was later demolished and a new one constructed. In 1816, the parish was abolished and the church was dismantled.

Sagas of Iceland One of the ladies of the parish fought strongly for a new church and eventually received a royal permission to build a new one, which stood ready in 1848. In 1987, it was reconstructed and consecrated the same year.
Among the valuable possessions of the church are a bell from 1672 and another one without the construction year, an altarpiece from 1750, an old silver chalice, two messing candlesticks from 1767, and a door ring from 1703. The crucifix on the altar was made and donated by the goldsmith Jens Gudjonsson.

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