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Region: Highland Ferdafelag Islands Region: Highland Available online... more

Accommodations in Fjallabak area

This pearl of the interior is situated in a valley between colorful mountains... more

Tindfjallasel. Hungurfit

Tindfjallasel, Hungurfit replaces the older cabin of the Air Rescue... more


ICELAND GLACIOLOGICAL SOCIETY The first hut was built in 1955, the garage in... more

Afangi Mountain Hut

Located just off the Kjolur route, about 38 km north of Hveravellir, Áfangi... more

Hveravellir Huts Kjolur

Hveravellir (The Hot Spring Fields) is a very interesting low temperature area... more

Accommodations in Kjolur route

The Kjolur area (600-700m) lies between the Langjokull glacier in the west and... more

Blagil – Skaftarhreppur

The mountain hut in Blágil is located 15 km south of Lakagígar The hut has... more

Langisjor Hut and fishing

The only house on Langisjor lake and the tranquility is wonderful! The house... more

Alftavatn Restaurant – Volcano Huts

The Volcano Huts have now opened a restaurant by the Alftavatn lake on the... more

Thorsmork Mountain Huts

Accommodation in Mountain Huts during your stay in Thorsmork are available by... more

Holaskogur Mountain Hut

Holaskogur is a cozy cabin hostel in south Iceland, approximately 130 km from... more

Svinarnes hut, Hruna

The Svinarnes hut is located on River Svina, north of Mt Burfell, in the centre... more

Akureyri Touring Association ATA

About The Akureyri Touring Association The club’s mountain huts are in... more

Utivist Travel Association

About Utivist Travel Association Utivist is a travel association, which goal... more

Iceland Touring Association ITA –

About ITA - The Iceland Touring Association (Ferdafelag Islands) The aim of... more

Veidivotn huts and camping

A camping site and WCs are in the immediate vicinity of the huts The summer... more

Breida Mountain Hut IGS near Jokulsarlon

The Iceland Glaciological Society (IGS) Breida Mountain Hut and garage were... more

Nyidalur / Jokuldalur Mountain Huts ITA

The Iceland Touring Association's (ITA) huts are located at about 800 metres... more

Hildarsel Mountain Hut TCS

The Travel Club Skagafjordur (TCS) Mountain hut Hildarsel is positioned 340m... more


About Thorsmork Thorsmork is one of the brightest pearls on the string of... more

Hiking Trails Kverkfjoll and Hvannalindir

Hiking Trail Suggestions 1 Hut Sigurdarskali - Ice Cave The distance from the... more

Alftavotn hut Utivist

About Alftavotn hut Members of the Touring Association Utivist restored the... more

Esjufjallaskali Mountain Hut IGS

The Iceland Glaciological Society (IGS) Mountain Hut Esjufjallaskali is located... more

Strutur Mountain Hut Maelifellssandur

  Mountain hut Strutur was built to accommodate 26 people in 2002 Its... more

Leppistungur Hut, Hruna

The Leppistungur hut was built in 1987 on River Kerlingaa in the upper part of... more

Helgaskali Mountain hut

Mountain hut Helgaskali is on the so-called Line-Track between Valleys... more

Thjofadalir hut, Kjolur ITA

The Icelandic Touring Association´s (ITA) small hut in valleys Thjofadalir was... more

Thverbrekknamuli hut ITA, Kjolur

The Thverbrekknamuli hut is situated southeast of Mt Hrutfell, near river... more

Hvitarnes hut,ITA Kjolur

The Hvitarnes hut was the first to be built by the Iceland Touring Association... more

Gislaskali in Svartarbotnar, Kjolur

Gislaskali in Svartarbotnar is the last hut on the southern part of Kjolur... more

Arbudir hut, Kjolur

Arbudir is another hut in Kjölur and the second hut if going from south of to... more

Fremstaver Hut

Fremstaver is a hut in Kjölur one of the main highland roads connecting south... more

Hotel Sanda / Mountain hut

Hotel Sanda mountain hut on river Sanda at the southernmost end of the Kjolur... more

Hagavatn hut, Jarlhettur Langjokull ITA

Icelandic Touring Association (ITA) Mountain hut Hagavatn was built in 1942 It... more

Nordurfjordur hut – Valgeirsstadir ITA

The Icelandic Touring Association (ITA) Nordurfjordur hut is called... more

Hloduvellir Mounatin Hut ITA

The Hloduvellir hut is the property of the Iceland Touring Association and... more

Botni Mountain hut ATA

The Akureyri Touring Association (ATA) Mountain hut Botni is located at about... more

Braedrafell Mountain Hut ATA

Please Note: This Hut is Locked  Contact ATA for Keys The Akureyri Touring... more

Dreki Dyngjufjoll Mountain huts ATA

The Akureyri Touring Association (ATA) Mountain huts Dreki is located at the... more

Thorsteinsskali in Herdubreidarlindir Mountan hut ATA

The Akureyri Touring Association (ATA) Mountain hut Thorsteinsskali was built... more

Dyngjufell Mountain hut ATA

The Akureyri Touring Association (ATA) Mountain hut Dyngjufell is located at... more

Mountain hut Lambi, Glerardalur ATA

The mountain hut Lambi in valley Glerardalur was built in 1975 and accommodates... more

Laugafell huts Eyjafjardardalur ATA

The Akureyri Touring Association (ATA) Mountain hut Laugafell hut was built in... more

Ingolfskali, Lambahrauni Mountain hut TCS

Mountain hut Ingolfsskali was built in 1978 It is located in Lambahraun, north... more

Trolli, Gonguskord Mountain hut TCS

Touring Club Skagafjordur (TCS) Mountain hut Trolli (370m) is located near... more

Thufnavellir, Vididalur Mountain hut TCS

Touring Club Skagafjordur (TCS) Mountain hut Thufnavellir is located in valley... more

Holaskjol Mountain Hut

Holaskjol, sheltered by Mounds Lambaskardsholar, offers mountain hut... more

Utivist Mountain Hut Skaelingar

  Touring Association Utivist restored a decayed farmers' sheep roundup... more

Sveinstindur Mountain Hut Utivist

  The Sveinstindur mountain hut is located southeast of Mt Sveinstindur... more

Baldvinsskali Mountain Hut -ITA

Baldvinsskali is located at Fimmvorduhals, one of the most popular hiking... more

Breidavik, Hut Austfjords FTC Hut

Mountain hut Breidavik is located on a synonymous cove in the Eastfjords It is... more

Husavikurskali,Hut Austfjordum FTC

Mountain hut Husavikurskali is on a synonymous cove in the Eastfjords It was... more

Egilssel hut, Lonsoraefi FTC

Mountain hut Egilssel is locate in the Lonsoraefi Area It is solely used by... more

Geldingarfell Hut FTC

Mountain hut Geldingafell is located at the foot of Mt Geldingafell and is... more

Mountain Hut Sigurdarskali Kverkfjoll

Mountain hut Sigurdarskali is open the whole year round and accommodates 75-85... more

Snaefellskali Hut, FTC

Mountain hut Snaefellsskali is located at the foot of the highest free-standing... more

Breida, Hut Vatnajokull

The Breida hut and garage were built in 1951 The houses are located 23 metres... more

Esjufjoll, hut Breidamerkurjokull IGS

The hut is located on the nunatak Esjufjoll at 701 metres above sea level in... more

Fjallkirkja hut Langjokull IGS

Fjallkirkja was built in 1979 at the foot of a synonymous nunatak on glacier... more

Grimsvotn Mountain Huts IGS

The first hut, Grimsfjall I, the measurement equipment installation, and the... more

Fimmvorduhals Mountain Hut – Utivist

  The Touring Association Utivist restored the decayed, former... more

Kverkfjoll Mountain Hut IGS

Mountain hut Kverkfjallaskali was built in 1977 to accommodate 6-12 people It... more

Basar Mountain Huts in Thorsmork Utivist

Soon after the Touring Association Utivist was founded, its members started... more

Hottur Mountain Hut Drekafjoll, Dyngjufjoll

This mountain hut is the property of and operated by Myvatn Tours It... more

Skagafjordsskali Mountain Hut Thorsmork ITA

Mountain hut Skagfjordsskali is located on a flat area at the mouth of Valley... more

Mulaskali, Lonsoraefi

Mountain hut Mulaskali was built in 1984 just south of Kollumuli It... more

Volcano Huts – Husadalur Thorsmork

Husadalur travel guide Thorsmork to see and do More about Iceland when... more

Godahnjukar hut Vatnajokull IGS

Mountain hut Godahnukar (Vatnajokull) was built in 1979 for 6-12 persons at... more

Emstrur Botnar Mountain Huts ITA

About Botnar The Iceland Touring Association huts Botnar on river South... more

Hornbjarg Hut, Hornstrandir ITA

Hornbjarg Hut and Camping About Hornbjarg Hut and Camping The ITA has taken... more

Alftavatn Huts ITA

The mountain huts of the Iceland Touring Association on lake Alftavatn on the... more

Dalakofinn Utivist Mountain Hut

  The Dalakofinn hut is located in the majestic landscapes just north... more

Afangagil Mountain Hut

The mountain hut Afangagil is situated on the edge of one of Iceland's most... more

Landmannahellir Cottages

About Landmannahellir Cottages Accommodation on the Domadalur... more

Landmannalaugar Mountain Huts ITA

The Iceland Touring Association first built a hut in Landmannalaugar in 1951,... more


Hvanngil The new Hvanngil Hut offers sleeping bag accommodations for 60 people... more

Hvanngil Hut ITA

The new Hvanngil Hut offers sleeping bag accommodations for 60 people in four... more


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