Hiking Trails Kverkfjoll and Hvannalindir

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 64.7474453° N 16.6326571° W
Hiking time: Various
Difficulty: easy
Length: Various km
Elevation: Various m
Highest Point: Various m

Hiking Trail Suggestions

1. Hut Sigurdarskali – Ice Cave

The distance from the Sigurdarskali hut to the edge of the Kverkjokull glacier is about three kilometres. Great care has to be taken because of constant collapse of ice chunks from the edge and the cave ceiling.

2. Mt Virkisfell – Mt Biskupsfell

Begin the tour by heading north to Mt Virkisfell (1108 m). Mt Biskupsfell (1240 m) is 1½ km further east and is easily scaled from the south side.

3. Hut Sigurdarskali – Kverkfjallarani – Ravine Hveragil

The tour follows route 2 over a rocky terrain, and then runs twelve km east over volcanic fissures and lava strips. In several places in the Hveragil ravine there are hot springs with temperatures up to 62°C.

4. Trail through Eastern Kverkfjallarani to Ravine Hveragil

From the Hvannalindir area, a 38-kilometre jeep track extends from the Kverkfjoll road to the Hveragil ravine. The trail passes through an undulating gravel landscape, past ponds and across lava strips.

5. Western Kverkfjoll Mountains

The tour starts from the hut Sigurdarskali, heading toward the Kverkjokull glacier north of the ice cave, and proceeds upward to the south over the glacier, past crevasses into marginal rocky slopes. The tour continues upward and across the Langafonn slope, then via the ravine Hveratagl to The Icelandic Glaciological Society’s hut at an altitude of about 1700 m.

6. Skarphedin’s Peak – Kverk Pass – Hut Sigurdarskali

From The Icelandic Glaciological Society’s hut it is possible to walk southeast across the caldera of the Kverkfjoll Mountains to the Skarphedin’s Peak (1936 m), which rewards hikers with a magnificent panoramic view on a fine day. The peak can be descended west of the Kverk pass.

7. Hvannalindir – Kreppuhryggur Ridge – Krepputhrong Narrow

A road lies from the Kverkfjoll route in the Hvannalindir area southeast to a parking area at the end of the Kreppuhryggur ridge. The ridge is within short walking distance and provides a breathtaking view over the Hvannalindir area and southeast across the Lindahraun lava field toward the Kverkfjoll Mountains. There is a short distance from the ridge eastward to the Krepputhrong narrow.

8. Hvannalindir – Ruins of the Outlaw Lair – Hill Lindakeilir

The parking area (see no. 7) is within a short walking distance from the Lindahraun lava field. Ruins of an outlaw lair are at the edge of the lava field. There is a 2 km hiking trail from the ruins to the Hill Lindakeilir.

9. Hvannalindir Area – River Lindaa – Krikatjorn Pond

From the ruins in Hvannalindir a longer hiking trail is available along the river Lindaa and the edge of the Lindahraun lava field south toward the Krikatjorn pond or the Sjonarhaed hill leading to the trail to the Hveragil ravine.

10. Mts Lindafjoll – Mt Rifnihnjukur – Mts Upptyppingar

The trail from the Sigurdarskali hut to the bridge across Jokulsa a Fjollum passes through the Krepputunguhraun lava field, west of Mts Lindafjoll and northeast of Mt Rifnihnjukur (780m) Mt Rifnihnjukur is a 100 m high hyaloclastite mountain mixed with pillow lava with a cap of tuff at the summit and deeply dented with cracks and faults.

Please Remember!

Changeable weather conditions, such as fog, storms and sandstorms occur with little or no notice in the area. Special care should be taken on trails leading to ice caves and glaciers because of potential collapse, glacial crevasses and poor visibility in murky weather. Taking along all the necessary equipment when travelling on glaciers, such as a compass, rope, crampons and sunglasses, is of vital essence!


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