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Dyngjuhals 25 km <- Mt Kistufell ->Urdarhals 7 km

Gaesavotn Route map


Region: Highland
Coordinates: 64.7166667° N 17.0075° W


This mountain protrudes up to 1444 m (4,765 feet) above sea level close to the central edge of the glacier tongue Dyngjujokull. In 1950 a flugpassenger plane of Icelandair (Loftleidir), a DC-4, crashed on the northwestern corner of the glacier (Mt Bardarbunga; 2000m; 6,600 feet).

The plane carried its crew, a few dogs and some cargo. There were no fatal casualties and the rescue team from Akureyri set of from the foot of this mountain to bring everyone back to safety. Now there is a privately owned hut at the northern foot of the mountain and the jeep track passes a little further to the north (Gaesavotn Route).

Regular sightseeing tours are operated from Lake Myvatn to Askja every summer. Hikers, who want to conquer the Gaesavotn route to the east, anlong the northern edge of icecap Vatnajokull, set off from the Gaesavotn crossing. The Kistufell area is otherwise only accessible by robust 4wd vehicles, and river fording experience is totally necessary.

Self drive Gaesavatna route

Kistufell in Icelandic

Photo Credit: Primordial Landscapes

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