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Snaefellskali Hut, FTC

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 64.797163478 ° N 15.575497698° W

Mountain hut Snaefellsskali is located at the foot of the highest free-standing mountain of Iceland, Snaefell (1,833m). Rangers from Vatnajokull National Park are stationed in the hut during the summer season. It is open approx. from 1st of July till the 20th of September, or while the road F909 is open. The hut accommodates 45 people in sleeping bags. Outdoors are WCs, a shower, and camping grounds.

Contact Information

Skriðuklaustri, 701 Egilsstaðir

Telephone: +354

GPS co-ordinates: 64.48.250N 15.38.600W.

FTC = Fljotsdalsherad Touring Club

Snaefellskali in Icelandic

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