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Eyjabakkajokull Glacier

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 64.6667° N 15.6° W

The glacier snout Eyjabakkajokull is the easternmost of the other much larger, northern tongues. It flows through the so-called Devil’s Pass to the east of Breidabunga and down to the mud-flats Eyjabakkar, which is dotted with ponds and small lakes, through which many branches of River Jokulsa in Fljotsdalur run. Both the Eyjabakkajokull and the Bruarjokull, its much larger neighbour, advanced in 1890 and rolled up the soil and vegetated areas closest to them and created folds in the landscape further ahead.

In 1931 and 1938 Eyjabakkajokull advanced again, but retreated about a mile after that. The mud flats Eyjabakkar probably developed by the gradual sedimentation of a large lake. They are well vegetated in places and rootless. There a large portion of the pink-footed geese breed during summer.

Eyjabakkajokull map


Photo Credit: Oliagust

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