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Snaefell to Lonsoraefi Hike

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 64.797163478 ° N 15.575497698° W
Hiking time:
Difficulty: easy
Length: 100 km
Elevation: m
Highest Point: m

Distances: Snaefell – Geithellnar about 100 km. Snaefell – Thorisdalur about 80 km.

The hiking trails from Mt. Snaefell across the Eyjabakkajokull glacier tongue and over the Lonsoraefi area is very popular and extremely beautiful and varied. Lately new huts have been added to make the daily legs easier for the hikers.

The first leg from the Mt. Snaefell hut to the Mt. Geldingafell hut is, however, rather long, 32 km, thereof 5 km on the glacier. Usually the hikers carry rather heavy rucksacks and are therefore driven all the way up to the edge of the glacier to shorten the first leg a bit.

The next leg covers the 15 km to the hut on lake over undulating and rocky landscapes.

The third leg ends at the hut Mulaskali after a 8 km long and a comfortable walk with a descent of 700 m (3-4 hours).

This leg covers the Lonsoraefi proper area, both colourful and somewhat overwhelming. It is recommended to spend at least two nights in the hut to get better acquainted with the surroundings.

After that, the fifth leg to the Vididalur Valley, where the hikers have to pitch their tents for the night, awaits, and then the hike continues down the Geithellnadalur Valley the next day.

There are several books and booklets available on these hiking routes and the Travel Guide is also very informative.

Snaefell hut | Geldingafell hut | Hut Mulaskali 

Practical information before entering the highlands


Hiking Snaefell to Lonsoraefi in Icelandic

Photo Credit: Wikimedia Creative Commons.


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