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Region: East Iceland
Coordinates: 64.8667° N 15.8667° W

About Bruardalir

These valleys are situated in the Bruaroraefi Interior of the North East. They were inhabited in the past and one of them, Laugarvalladalur, has thermal activity, a bathing pool, and a refuge hut.

The mountain trails for 4wd vehicles are clearly marked on the maps of the country, but the shortest route lies from the farm Bru, and from the crossings on road # 1 near Modrudalur or Jokuldalsheidi. From The Bruar Valleys, a canyon called Hafrahvamma- and Dimma-Canyon is nearby.

The present farm Bru, referred to earlier, was actually situated in the middle of a relatively densely populated area in the past, a whole parish indeed. The parsonage was called Bakkastadur and its ruins are still there.

Sagas of IcelandThe legend tells us about great festivities there one Christmas. The people were singing and dancing loudly in the cemetery on Christmas evening, when the devil pulled it and everyone in it down to hell. Quite a few other farms are documented in the area and after this event, people have been aware of ghosts and wandering spirits there.

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