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Bruarjokull Glacier

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 64.71° N 16.1667° W

This glacier tongue is the largest of the many such of the icecap Vatnajokull. Its edge measures 55-6 km and it creeps down onto The Bruar Central Highlands with its firn line close to 700 m above sea level compared to the 1100 m firn line in the south of the icecap. Those glacier tongues are constantly moving, but every now and then they burst and advance several kilometres during a remarkably short period of time and then retreat, even beyond their former location.

In 1963-1964, the glacier advanced and the commotion could easily be heard down into the inhabited valley Fljotsdalur and to the farm Modrudalur. The highland trail for 4wd vehicles lies a considerable distance to the north of the edge, and in two places it is possible to drive closer to it. During summer, several herds of reindeers usually inhabit the eastern part of Bruar Highland Area.

Photo Credit: Ó. Ingólfsson

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