TCS Mountain hut Thufnavellir, Vididalur

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 65.2555000° N 18.7318333° W

Touring Club Skagafjordur (TCS) Mountain hut Thufnavellir is located in valley Vididalur of Mts Stadarfjoll 320 metres above sea level, east of the river facing Mt pass Litla_Vatnsskard. The trail from road #1 from valley Langidalur, over Mt pass Strjugsskard, through valley Laxardalur, over Mt pass Litla-Vatnsskard, through valleys Vididalur and Hryggjadalur to Tunga in Mt pass Gonguskord, is about 27 kilometres long. In ancient times, this route was travelled by many.

The approach from the south to valley Kalfardalur through across Mt Hryggjafjall is 24 kilometres long. Still another route from farm Gautsdalur in valley Laxardalur, is 9,5 kilometres long. To get to the farm, one has to drive over Mt pass Audolfsstadaskard from road #1 in valley Langidalur. The walking distance between Mt huts Thufnavellir and Trolli, is 9 kilometres. There are more trails to choose from, i.e. from Saemundarhlid over Mt pass Gyltuskard, from Mt pass Stora-Vatnsskard etc.

During winter The Thufnavellir area is covered with much snow, but the summer weather conditions are mild. The mountain hut is open the whole year round. It accommodates 6 persons in bunks and 6 on mattresses in the attic. Hikers have priority. A stream, 40 metres away from the hut, supplies water.

GPS co-ordinates: 65°38,330´N 19°49,480´W.

Contact Information

Touring Club Skagafjordur (TCS)
Fellstún 5, 550 Sauðárkrókur

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