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Dreki Dyngjufjoll Mountain huts ATA

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 65.0420000° N 16.5953333° W

The Akureyri Touring Association (ATA) Mountain huts Dreki is located at the southern foot of the mountain massif Dyngjufjoll at the mouth of a synonymous gorge, Drekagil. The oldest hut was built 1968-1969 and the newer 2003-2004. The huts stand approximately 780 m. over sea level and accommodate about 50 people. During summer the huts are attended by a warden.

A camping site is near the huts. A track for 4wd vehicles connects the huts with the ringroad (#1) via Herdubreidarlindir and continues to Mts Kverkfjoll, via the Gaesavotn Route to Sprengisandur, and via valley Dyngjufjalladalur to valley Bardardalur. A hiking train leads to the Braedrafell hut. After the establishment of Europe’s largest national park, Vatnajokull, on June 7th, 2008, Drekagil became one of the centres for the NP wardens.

GPS co-ordinates: 65°02.520 – 16°35.720

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Telephone: +354

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