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One of the first settlement farms in Iceland was Horn, built by Hrollaugur son... more

Murders and Executions in South Iceland

According to the Book of Settlements and the Sturlunga Saga, many murders,... more

Saga Trail South Thorsa Valley

Saga Trail: Thjorsa... more

Saga Trail Selfoss to Vik in Myrdal


Saga Trail South Hveragerdi – Olfus and Selfoss area

Saga Trail: Hveragerdi - Olfus – Selfoss area ARNABAELI HJALLI Olfus... more

Thingvellir Icelands most sacred site

Thingvellir, location of the old Althing Icelanders gathered at River Oxara in... more

Thingvellir – witchcraft and scorcery

Witchcraft and scorcery at Thingvellir The witch hunt in Europe started around... more

Murders and Execution

According to the Book of Settlements and the Sturlunga Saga, many murders,... more

Thingvellir faults and chasms

The main western fault line, 8 km long (5 miles) and 5 km (3 miles) wide, is... more

Kings House Thingvellir

The King's House was built in 1907 to accommodate the king of Denmark on his... more

Hofmannaflot at Thingvellir

Hofmannaflot is a flat plain on the eastern side of Mt Armannsfell and north of... more

Thingvellir National Park

The Parliamentary Plains are the most important historic site of the country... more


Saga Trail: Hveragerdi – Olfus – Selfoss area ARNABAELI HJALLI Olfus... more

Viking Farm

The first eruption of Mt Hekla in historical times is thought to have occurred... more


Gaukshofdi is a headland along which River Thjorsa runs where it can be forded... more


The farm Stong in the Thjorsardalur Valley was devastated by the first... more


Sigríður Tómasdóttir was born in Brattholt in 1874 and lived there her... more


Keldur is a farm and a church site in the Rangarvellir County Catholic churches... more


The museum was opened in 1949 and its first permanent building was built in... more


Lake Baulutjorn has an area of 0,04 km² Its greatest depth is 4 m and it is... more


Farm Bergtorshvoll is a church site in the West Landeyjar County The churches... more


Those sea eroded basaltic columns just south of road no 1 are well worth a... more

Hruni Farm

Hruni is a farm, a church site, and a parsonage in the Hrunamanna County The... more

Hruni Church

This church belongs to the Hruni benefice in the Arnes deanery It was built of... more

Thingvellir Church

  According to documented sources, a church was built at Thingvellir... more

Ulfljotsvatn Church

The Ulfljotsvatn church belongs to the Mosfell benefice of the Arnes deanery It... more

Haukadalur Church

This church belongs to the Skalholt benefice of the Arnes deanery The Catholic... more

Oxara Thingvellir National Park

The main source of the Axe River is in the shallow valley between Mt Burfell... more


Hjalparfoss is a beautiful, two stepped waterfall near the confluence of Rivers... more

Hofdabrekku Joka – Ghost Story

Once there lived a woman at Hofdabrekka by the name of Jorunn According to most... more

Thingvellir Drift Zone

  According to the continental drift theory, the Eurasian and North... more


The ancient seat of the Icelandic bishops, Skalholt, was the centre of... more

Gullfoss Waterfalls

The Golden Waterfalls (Gullfoss) are situated in the upper part of River Hvita... more

Gigjokull Glacier

About Gigjokull As one of Eyjafjallajokull Glacier´s Outlets, Gigjokull was... more


About Haifoss The waterfall Haifoss in the Thjorsa Valley is 122 m high,  the... more

Kudafljot River

About Kudafljot River The glacial river Kudafljot in south Iceland has a large... more


This most famous and former largest spouting hot spring of the world probably... more

Skeidararsandur Sand Plains, Skeidara

About Skeidararsandur This is one of the largest alluvial plains of the... more

Surtsey Island

About Island Surtsey The eruption, which created this and other islands around... more


During the period 1929-1933 the Reykjavik Electric Authority (now Municipal... more

Uthlid Farm

About Uthlid Farm Uthlid was first named the Outer Hlid and was a church site... more


About Haukadalsheidi Moorland Haukadalsheidi is situated in the southern... more

Kaldarhofdi Farm

About Kaldarhofdi Farm Kaldarhofdi is opposite to the Drattarhlid Hill to the... more

Mt. Vordufell

About Vordufell Mt Vordufell (391 m) is a triangularly shaped mountain to the... more

Mt. Hestfjall

About Hestfjall Mt Hestfjall (317 m) rises gradually higher from the south to... more

Braedratunga Church Farm

About Braedratunga Braedratunga is a manor and a church site on the tongue of... more

Laugarvatnsvellir Plains

About Laugarvatnsvellir Laugarvatnsvellir is a large grassy area, a former... more


About Ashildarmyri Ashildarmyri is a historical site and an ancient meeting... more

River Thjorsa

About River Thjorsa  The Book of Settlements explains the denomination of the... more


During the first half of "The Free State Period" (930-1262), the settlement of... more

Oraefajokull Glacier (Peak Hvannadalshnjukur)

Oraefajokull is the highest mountain of the country, 2,110 m, and stretches to... more

Papos Trading Post

About Papos Papos was the first trading post of the East Skaftafell District... more

Hoffellsdalur Valley

About Hoffellsdalur This is the easternmost of the Nesja County valleys It... more

Hoffell Church Farm

Hoffell is an estate in the Nesjar County According to the Book of... more

Nupstadur Church Farm

Nupstadur is the easternmost farm of the Fljot County, just to the west of the... more

Borgahofn farm cluster

About Borgarhofn Borgarhofn is a cluster of farms in County Sudursveit The... more

Sandfell Farm

About Sandfell Farm Sandfell is an abandoned farm in the Oraefi District, a... more

Ingolfshofdi Headland

  About Ingolfshofdi Ingolfshofdi is a headland, framed with the sea in... more

Fagurholsmyri Farm Community

Fagurholsmyri is a farm community in the Oraefi County On a fine day, the view... more

Breidamerkurjokull Glacier

Glacier Breidamerkurjokull counts among the largest glacier tongues of the... more

Mt Breidamerkurfjall

Mt Breidamerkurfjall (774m) is an outcrop of the country’s highest mountain,... more

Baejarstadaskogur Woods

Forest Baejarstadaskogur is one of the best thriving birch forests of the... more

Svinafell Farm

About Svinafell   Farm Svinafell in the Oraefi County was among the... more

Mt. Lomagnupur

Mt Lomagnupur is a prominent 688 m high and precipitous promontory on the south... more

Orrustuholl Mound

About Orrustuholl The Argument Mound protrudes from the eastern Skafta Fire... more

Kirkjugolf Lava formation

About Kirkjugolf The so-called Church Floor is situated in the meadow just... more

Systrafoss Waterfall and Systrastapi Cliff

About Systrafoss and Systrastapi 1186 a nun monastery was established in... more

Eldhraun Lava – Laki Area

The 25 km long crater row called Lakagigar was created during a relatively... more

Alftaver plain

Alftaver is a relatively small and a flat area to the east of the desert... more

Thykkvibaerklaustur Closter

Thykkvabaearklaustur is presently a church site in the county Alftaver, and was... more

Hjorleifshofdi Headland

Hjorleifshofdi is a freestanding, 221 m high hyaloclastite headland on the... more

Kerlingardalur Valley

The Kerlingar Valley is situated about 5 kilometres to the east of the hamlet... more

Hofdabrekka Farm

Farm Hofdabrekka is the easternmost one in the Myrdalur County, closes to the... more

Landa Church

This church belongs to the Westman Islands’ benefice in the Kjalarnes deanery... more

Storhofdi Headland

Headland Storhofdi is the southernmost inhabited spot of the country It is 122... more

Skogar Museum Church

This church belongs to the Holt benefice in the Rangarvellir deanery Its... more

Eyvindarmuli Farm

Farm Eyvindarmuli in Fljotshlid County was a church site Its name is derived... more

Ranga Burial Site

Early 19th century sources mention two burial grounds about 2½ km east of... more

Oddi Church

This church belongs to the Oddi benefice in the Rangarvellir deanery Oddi... more

Aegisida Farm

Aegissida is a farm on River Ytri-Ranga opposite to the small town Hella in the... more

Hellar Farm

Hellar is a farm in the Land County in the Southwestern Lowlands Some ancient,... more

Floaaveitan – Historic Irrigation

“Floaaveitan” (irrigation) was built in the years 1918-1927 It covered... more

Laugardaela Church

Laugardæla church is 3 km from Selfoss It was built in the years... more

Hjalli Church Farm

Hjalli is a farm and a church site in the Olfus County Around the year 1000... more

Baugsstadir Farm

  The Baugsstadir farm was named after the settler Baugur, who spent... more

Badstofuhellir Cave

About Badstofuhellir The sandstone outcrop Hellnaskagi is on the property of... more

Petursey Mountain

About Petursey "The Peter's Island" as this freestanding, 275 m high, mountain... more

Solheimajokull Glacier

The glacier snout Solheimajokull is the southwestern outlet of the... more

Skogafoss Waterfall

About Skogafoss Waterfall Skogafoss is 60 m high and counted among the most... more

Seljaland Caves

There are many man made caves in the Southwestern Lowlands Behind the ruins... more

Thrihyrningur Mountain

About Thrihyrningur The mountain „Thrihyrningur“ towers over... more

Einhyrningur Mountain

About Einhyrningur Mt Einhyrningur (750m) is located between the small... more

Kirkjubaer Church Farm

About Kirkjubaer The estate Eastern and Western Kirkjubaer (Church Farm) is... more

Thingskalar Parlament Site

About Thingskalar Thingskalar is an ancient place of the assembly of the... more

Stora Hof Farm

About Stora Hof This estate is located near River Eastern Ranga in District... more

Leirubakki Farm

Leirubakki is an old farm site occupied since soon after the first years of the... more

Gunnarsholt Farm

About Gunnarsholt Gunnarsholt was named after Gunnar Baugson, grandfather... more

Keldur Church Farm

About Keldur Keldur is a farm and a church site in the Rangarvellir County... more

Oddi Church Farm

About Oddi Oddi was a manor and a parsonage as well as one of the most... more

Bergthorshvoll Farm

About Bergthorshvoll Farm Bergthorshvoll is also the domicile of a Lutheran... more

Hlidarendi Farm

Hlidarendi is a farm and a church site in the Fljotshlid County Catholic... more

Thjorsa River

About Thjorsa The Book of Settlements explains the denomination of the river:... more

Gaulverjabaer South – Farm

Gaulverjabaer is a farm hamlet, church site and a former parsonage in the Floi... more

Floi Nature Reserve

About Floi Nature Reserve This nature reserve covers a part of the eastern... more

Strandar church

This church belongs to the Thorlakshofn benefice in the Arnes deanery It is the... more

Thuridarbud, Stokkseyri

About Thuridarbud Thuridarbud is a replica of the former fishermen’s... more

Reykir Hveragerdi

About Reykir Hveragerdi This former manor is situated at the foot of Mt... more


About Kaldadarnes Kaldadarnes was and still is a large estate just east of... more


About Ingolfsfjall Mt Ingolfsfjall (551m) is a steep sloped hyaloclastite... more


About Arnarbaeli Farm Arnarbaeli is really a part of a farm hamlet named The... more


Thykkvibaer This is a cluster of farms situated on the highest lying ground of... more


About Laugarvatn A hamlet started developing on Lake Laugarvatn in 1928, when... more

Solheimar ECO Village

The only hamlet of the Grimsnes County is Solheimar About one third of the... more

Thingvellir National Park

The Parliamentary Plains are the most important historic site of the country... more


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