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Thrihyrningur Mountain

Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 63.783333° N 19.966667° W

About Thrihyrningur

The mountain „Thrihyrningur“ towers over „Fljotshlid“ and „Landeyjar“. The view from the mountain is magnificent. All the lower land of South can be seen from there; from the waterfall „Seljalandsfoss“ to the mountain „Ingolfsfjall“.

Sagas of IcelandThe story says that the reconciliation was out at the Parliament at Thingvellir, after the killing of Hoskuldur and no way out except revenge. Flosi Thordarson from Svinafell, who seek the case on behalf of the widow and her brother daughter Hildigunnur Starkadsdottir, summoned his followers when there were almost eight weeks till winter. The arsonists met at the “Thrihyrningshals” (ridge), where they hid until they went to Bergthorshvoll. After burning Bergthorshvoll, the arsonists went to mountain Thrihyrning at Flosalag, where they stayed until they saw that there was no longer danger for them from the search team.

Thrihyrningur is on the saga trail for south Iceland

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