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Thuridarbud, Stokkseyri

Region: South Iceland
Coordinates: 63.8378° N 21.0595° W

About Thuridarbud

Sagas of IcelandThuridarbud is a replica of the former fishermen’s accommodations and storage space, which depicts a part of the work conditions of the fishermen and named after the only female foreman in Iceland. The original hut stood near the replica. Thuridur (1777-1863) started her courier as an apprentice on her father’s boat when she was eleven. At seventeen, she was a fully paid seaman on her brother’s boat.

She continued her courier, mostly as a foreman on the boats until 1843 and was well appreciated and popular among the seamen. She usually wore men’s clothing with the official permission of the county sheriff. There were dozens of such abodes as Thuridarbud scattered along the coastline in the area like in so many other parts of the country at the times. They were made of turf and stone. The beds were situated along the walls and accommodated two persons each.

Thuridarbud is open for the public all year around.

Thuridarbud is on the saga trail for south Iceland

Thuridarbud in Icelandic

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