According to the Book of Settlements and the Sturlunga Saga, many murders, executions and slayings took place in Iceland.

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Kalfagerdi farm

Kalfagerdi, a farm, home of the 18th century Kalfa­gerdi brothers, guilty of... more

Murders and Executions The Highlands

According to the Book of Settlements (in the early 12th century) and the... more

Murders and Executions North Iceland

According to the Book of Settlements and the Sturlunga Saga, many murders,... more

Murders and Executions West Iceland

According to the Book of Settlements and the Sturlunga Saga, many murders,... more

Murders and Executions in South Iceland

According to the Book of Settlements and the Sturlunga Saga, many murders,... more


Kirkjubol was a farm at Gardskagi, often occupied by rich farmers and... more


Junkaragerdi was a farm just north of the Hafnaberg Cliffs Its name was... more

Valley Eilifsdalur

Valley Eilifsdalur in Kjos county Valley Eilifsdalur cuts into Mt Esja from... more


Hvalnes is a farm and a low headland at the foot of Mt East Horn, a... more

WITCHCRAFT and SCORCERY in North Iceland

The witch hunt in Europe started around the year 1480 and continued to the turn... more


Modrufell is a farm in Hrafnagilshreppur county in district... more

Munkathvera farm

Munkathvera is a farm, a church site and a former manor in the Laugaland... more


Farm Geldingaholt is in the Seyla County in the Skagafjordur District It was... more


Flugumyri is a farm and a church site in the Blonduhlid County The present... more


The old estate Illugastadir on the Vatnsnes Peninsula is a historic place ... more


The farm Hof is situated in the eastern part of the Vatnsdalur Valley ... more


The ancient, Saga Age, local parliament site for the spring assemblies of the... more


Mr Skallagrimur Kveldulfsson advised Mr Oleifur hjalti to settle between rivers... more


Egil's Saga mentions, that Steinar Önundarson requested the help of Chieftain... more


Farm Katanes was originally the settlement of Kalman the South Islander, who... more


Tverfell is the easternmost farm in valley Lundareykjadalur, to the north of... more


Farm Melar in county Leirar- and Melasveit was the abode of the Melar dynasty,... more

Thingvellir Icelands most sacred site

Thingvellir, location of the old Althing Icelanders gathered at River Oxara in... more

Thingvellir – witchcraft and scorcery

Witchcraft and scorcery at Thingvellir The witch hunt in Europe started around... more

Thingvellir faults and chasms

The main western fault line, 8 km long (5 miles) and 5 km (3 miles) wide, is... more

GROF Egilsstadir

Grof is an abandoned farm in County Eidathingha In 1729, a man murdered his... more


This farm is situated on Lake Hofdavatn in the Hofdastond County, District... more


Geirsholmur is a round shaped, rocky islet near the Thyrill Headland on the... more


Farm Haukagil in Valley Vatnsdalur derives itsn name from a synonimous gorge,... more

BJARG, Grettir Asmundarson

Bjarg is a farm just east of River Midfjardara, rather high up in the... more


The official magistrate assemblies for County Andakill took place at farm... more


There are various explanations to the background of the crucifix by the road in... more


Gaukshofdi is a headland along which River Thjorsa runs where it can be forded... more


Lake Vikingavatn has an area of 2,4 km² It is rather shallow and only 4 m... more


Lake Slettuhlidarvatn has an area of 0,76 It is shallow and situated 14 m above... more


Farm Bergtorshvoll is a church site in the West Landeyjar County The churches... more

WITCHCRAFT and SCORCERY in Westfjords and Strandir

The witch hunt in Europe started around the year 1480 and continued to the turn... more


Eiriksstadir is an abandoned farmstead in the Haukadalur valley According to... more

Farm Breidabolstadur

Farm Breidabolstadur is a church site, a former parsonage, and the residence of... more


The Crucifix Mounds are on road #590, just west of the crossing by Asgardur... more

Hruni Church

This church belongs to the Hruni benefice in the Arnes deanery It was built of... more


The long abandoned farm Haugsnes in Blonduhlid is a historical site on the... more

Malmey Island

About Malmey Malmey is the larger of the two islands of the Skagafjord Bay It... more


About Orlygsstadir Orlygsstadir is a historic site in the Blonduhlid Area in... more

Oxl, Axlar-Bjorn serial killers of Iceland,

About Oxl Farm Oxl is located in County Breiduvikurhreppur, near Hotel Budir... more

Sanda Village

About Sanda Village The remainders of a base, built by the British and... more

Saudafell Farm

About Saudafell Farm Saudafell and former church site is situated in the... more

Selvik Cove

About Selvik Cove Cove Selvik was the best landing for small fishing vessels... more

Sjounda Farm

About Sjounda Farm Sjounda is a remote, abandoned farm in the easternmost part... more

Svefneyjar Island

About Island Svefneyjar Islands Svefneyjar form the innermost part of the... more

Svidnur Island

About Islands Svidnur The Svidnur islands belong to the so-called West Islands... more


About Thyrill The name Thyrill applies to a mountain (388 m) and a farm on the... more


Unaos is the easternmost farm of the Hjaltastadur County on the estuary of... more


About Vallholmur Vallalaug hot spring Vallholmur (Holmurinn) is the lowland... more


About Hrafnagil Hrafnagil has been an estate since ancient times It was a... more


About Hallbjarnarvordur This topographic name literally means The Cairns of... more


About Ashildarmyri Ashildarmyri is a historical site and an ancient meeting... more

Eiriksjokull Glacier

Glacier Eiriksjokull (1,675 m) has an area of about 22 km sq and rests on top... more

Beinaholl Mound

About Beinaholl (Bone Mound) This topographic name refers to the vegetated... more

Adalbol Farm

The former estate is situated in the Hrafnkell Valley, a small branch from the... more

Svinafell Farm

About Svinafell   Farm Svinafell in the Oraefi County was among the... more

Orrustuholl Mound

About Orrustuholl The Argument Mound protrudes from the eastern Skafta Fire... more

Hjorleifshofdi Headland

Hjorleifshofdi is a freestanding, 221 m high hyaloclastite headland on the... more

Kerlingardalur Valley

The Kerlingar Valley is situated about 5 kilometres to the east of the hamlet... more

Storhofdi Headland

Headland Storhofdi is the southernmost inhabited spot of the country It is 122... more

Ranga Burial Site

Early 19th century sources mention two burial grounds about 2½ km east of... more

Thingskalar Parlament Site

About Thingskalar Thingskalar is an ancient place of the assembly of the... more

Stora Hof Farm

About Stora Hof This estate is located near River Eastern Ranga in District... more

Bergthorshvoll Farm

About Bergthorshvoll Farm Bergthorshvoll is also the domicile of a Lutheran... more


Grindavík is one of the most important fishing towns of Iceland Tourism plays... more

Hrappsey Island

About Island Hrappsey This island is just southwest of Island Purkey,... more


About Surtshellir Surtshellir is the longest and most renowned cave in Iceland... more


About Skorradalur Valley Skorradalur is the southernmost of the socalled... more


Farm Gilsbakki is also a church site in County Hvitarsida, District... more


About Gullborgarhraun During the relatively short eruption 2,600 years ago,... more


A former site of a farm, that was abandoned as early as around the year 1000,... more


The central western peninsula, Snaefellsnes, is one of the most Saga invested... more

Laugar, Saelingsdalur Valley

Saelingsdalur Valley, District Dalir, is well vegetated and sheltered between... more


Haukadalur This valley is carved into the mountains on the southern side of... more


About Raudasandur The area named Raudasandur derives its name from the reddish... more


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