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Farm Bergtorshvoll is a church site in the West Landeyjar County The churches... more


Farms Alvidra in the Olfus County and Ondverdarnes in the Grimsnes County were... more

TROLLATUNGA Steingrimsfjordur

According to the Book of Settlements, Steingrimur Trolli settled the... more


Fell is a farm on the end of bay Kollafjordur in the "Strandir" district The... more

Baer Hrutafjordur

The first settler at Farm Baer was a woman by the name Arndis The Wealthy... more


Farm Finnbogastadir is situated on the cove Trekyllisvik in the Strandir... more

Jorfi farm in Valley Haukadalur

Jorfi is a well known farm in Valley Haukadalur, where popular annual... more


Eiriksstadir is an abandoned farmstead in the Haukadalur valley According to... more

Farm Breidabolstadur

Farm Breidabolstadur is a church site, a former parsonage, and the residence of... more


Farm Mogilsa is situated at the end of Cove Kollafjordur In the early 20th... more

Hruni Farm

Hruni is a farm, a church site, and a parsonage in the Hrunamanna County The... more


Farm Breidabolstadur is a church site and a parsonage in County... more


Ljosavatn is a lake, farm and a church site in Pass Ljosavatnsskard near the... more

Kalmanstjorn Farm

Kalmanstjorn is an abandoned farm, a former estate to the south of Lake... more

Hafurbjarnarstadir Farm

About Hafurbjarnarstadir Farm Hafurbjarnarstadir is located on Gardskagi in... more

Ogur Church Farm

About Ogur Ogur was an estate and a parsonage on the utmost end of the... more

Olafsdalur Farm

About Olafsdalur The abandoned farm Olafsdalur is in a synonymous valley in... more


About Orlygsstadir Orlygsstadir is a historic site in the Blonduhlid Area in... more

Ospakseyri Church Farm

The land around the farm and the spit of land Ospakseyri are within the... more

Oxl, Axlar-Bjorn serial killers of Iceland,

About Oxl Farm Oxl is located in County Breiduvikurhreppur, near Hotel Budir... more

Raudamelur Ytri Church Farm

The houses of the farm are situated at the high edge of the lava field, where... more

Reykir Farm

About Reykir Farm Farm Reykir of the Skeid County developed into a hamlet... more

Reynistadur Church Farm

About Reynistadur Reynistadur is a farm and a church site, approximately 10... more

Samsstadir Farm

About Samsstadir The present farm consists of earlier three farms, in... more

Saudafell Farm

About Saudafell Farm Saudafell and former church site is situated in the... more

Sjounda Farm

About Sjounda Farm Sjounda is a remote, abandoned farm in the easternmost part... more

Skard Church Farm

Skard is a farm, a church site and was a large estate for centuries in the... more

Skeljavik Farm

About Skeljavik Farm The abandoned farm Skeljavik on a synonymous cove is... more

Skogar Farm

About Skogar Farm Skogar is an abandoned farm in the eastern slopes of the... more

Stora Gilja

About Stora Gilja Road no 1 passes the farm Stora-Gilja in the Hunavatn... more


About Sturlureykir Sturlureykir is a farm in the Reykholt Valley in the... more


About Svalbard Svalbard was a manor, a church site, and an official assembly... more

Teigarhorn Farm

About Teigarhorn Teigarhorn is a farm in the Buland County, about 4 kilometres... more


About Thvotta Farm Thvotta is the southernmost farm of the Alftafjordur... more


Unaos is the easternmost farm of the Hjaltastadur County on the estuary of... more

Upsi – Upsastrond

The coastline Upsaströnd stretches between the perpendicular promontory... more

Uthlid Farm

About Uthlid Farm Uthlid was first named the Outer Hlid and was a church site... more

Vatnsleysa Farms

About Vatnsleysa Farms Smaller and Big Vatnsleysa were formerly manors and big... more


Modrudalur is the highest situated and still inhabited farm of the country... more

Hoffell Church Farm

Hoffell is an estate in the Nesjar County According to the Book of... more

Nupstadur Church Farm

Nupstadur is the easternmost farm of the Fljot County, just to the west of the... more

Svinafell Farm

About Svinafell   Farm Svinafell in the Oraefi County was among the... more

Hofdabrekka Farm

Farm Hofdabrekka is the easternmost one in the Myrdalur County, closes to the... more

Eyvindarmuli Farm

Farm Eyvindarmuli in Fljotshlid County was a church site Its name is derived... more

Aegisida Farm

Aegissida is a farm on River Ytri-Ranga opposite to the small town Hella in the... more

Hellar Farm

Hellar is a farm in the Land County in the Southwestern Lowlands Some ancient,... more

Hjalli Church Farm

Hjalli is a farm and a church site in the Olfus County Around the year 1000... more

Baugsstadir Farm

  The Baugsstadir farm was named after the settler Baugur, who spent... more

Asolfsskali Church Farm

Asolfsskali is a farm and a church site at the foothills of Mts Eyjafjoll (The... more

Kirkjubaer Church Farm

About Kirkjubaer The estate Eastern and Western Kirkjubaer (Church Farm) is... more

Hlidarendi Farm

Hlidarendi is a farm and a church site in the Fljotshlid County Catholic... more

Gaulverjabaer South – Farm

Gaulverjabaer is a farm hamlet, church site and a former parsonage in the Floi... more

Reykir Hveragerdi

About Reykir Hveragerdi This former manor is situated at the foot of Mt... more


The former farm Kolvidarholl at the foot of the Hellisskard Pass was a popular... more


About Kaldadarnes Kaldadarnes was and still is a large estate just east of... more


About Arnarbaeli Farm Arnarbaeli is really a part of a farm hamlet named The... more


About Laugarbrekka Laugarbrekka is an abandoned farm in the Breidavik County... more


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