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Upsi – Upsastrond

Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 66.008299° N 18.527608° W

The coastline Upsaströnd stretches between the perpendicular promontory Olafsfjardarmuli and River Brimnesa in Dalvik. Its name is derived from a houselike mountain Upsi. Among the abandoned farms of this area are Saudanes and Saudaneskot, where there is a shelter for the farmers during the sheep roundup and others. A much used, old and difficult mountain trail connected Upsir with Reykir in Olafsfiord.

The parsonage and church site Upsir was moved to Dalvik in 1960.

Sagas of Iceland According to the Svarfdaela Saga, Karl the Red lived there, and one of the bishops of the northern see, Gudmundur the Good, served there before he was ordained. The last church at Upsir was built after the previous one was blown off its foundations in 1900. It was demolished and a few of its posessions were sold to the National Museum, i.e. an ancient, Roman crucifix, the only one preserved in Iceland, and an Icelandic altarpiece.

The first Md General was born at Upsir (1712-79). He established the country’s first pharmacy at Nes by Lake Seltjorn in the Southwest, convinced the Danish authorities to place an Md in each quarter of the country, and send a Danish midwife to Iceland. In 1908 an ancient burial site with 14 graves containing the bones of people and horses and quite a few atrefacts was discovered on the estuaries of River Brimnesa.

Ups is on North Iceland Saga Trail

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Nearby Upsi – Upsastrond

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