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Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 66.0953° N 18.1825° W

The area called “I Fjordum” covers the northernmost middle of the large peninsula between the bays Eyjafiord and Skjalfandi. The fertile and well vegetated valleys and the coves of the area are framed with majestic mountains, which were difficult obstacles for the people, who inhabited the valley in the past. Poor harbour conditions and difficult communications were the reasons for the gradual and eventually the total abandonment of the settlement in 1944.

A 25 km long 4wd track lies from the Hofdahverfi County all the way to the sea in the north into this summer paradise. Nature lovers have no problems in finding enough to do, such as bird watching, trout and salmon fishing and hiking. It is necessary to bring tents along if a prolonged stay there is planned. There is, however, a rescue hut there for shipwrecked people, which is not meant for occasional travellers.

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