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Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: 66.2036682° N 15.7166165° W

About Svalbard

Svalbard was a manor, a church site, and an official assembly place for the county in the utmost Northeast. A good salmon river runs through the area nearby and spills into the Thistilfiord Bay. Svalbard is connected to the recent history of this country.

Sagas of IcelandIn 1893, a brother and a sister were suspected of having committed incest after she became pregnant. The deputy district magistrate, a renowned poet and entrepreneur, was sent to the parsonage to investigate. After having interrogated the brother without any mentionable results, the sister solved the problem by committing suicide. Nothing was actually accomplished by the deputy and it has never been discovered who the father was.

Rumours have it, that the Rev., who was a married man, may have had something to do with that. On his way back home, the deputy had to be ferried across the glacial river Jokla. The ferryman charged him for two persons and he asked why, because he was travelling alone. The ferryman told him, that he also had to pay for the young woman accompanying him. This astounded him, as he was not aware of anyone else. Ever since he was afraid of the dark and believed that the young woman from Svalbard followed him around everywhere he went.

Svalbard on North Iceland Saga Trail

Svalbard in Icelandic

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