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Kirkjufell Highland

Region: Highland
Coordinates: 63.983 ° N 18.950° W

About Kirkjufell

Mt Kirkjufell (964 m) is a prominent rhyolite mountain on the Landmanna Route near the Lake Kylingavotn Area. Its top is flat and it is crowned with a precipitous layer of black pitch stone and obsidian. The screes below are greyish blue in colour and almost barren. Geologists estimate its creation during a sub-glacial eruption of the latest epoch of the ice age the same way the present day basaltic table mountains were created. Climbing to the top is relatively easy and the view from there is hardly to be described by words on a fine day. At the eastern foot of the mountain is a small and a deep lake, Kirkjufellsvatn. Its discharge is the stream Kirkjufellsos, which spills into River Tungnaa. This stream marks the border between the districts West Skaftafellssysla and Rangarvallasysla.

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