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Maelifell Mt.

Maelifell stands 200 meters above its surroundings and it is a composite cone... more

Geldingadala eruption number two

Geldingadala eruption number two On March 19, 2021, after a long series of... more

Geldingadala eruption

Volcano in Reykjanes Beginning On March 19th, 2021, after weeks of multiple... more


Mts Grisatungufjoll (736 m) is a small mountain range in District Southern... more


HVERFJALL or HVERFELL Mt Hverfjall is a gigantic tephra crater, a so-called... more


Mt Bulandstindur is one of the most beautifully shaped mountains of the country... more


Mt Hvitserkur is one of the most peculiar mountains of the country Its main... more


Hvanndalabjarg is a 600 m high precipice between the Olaf’s Bay and Angelica... more


Moorland Hellisheidi is the lava area to the south of Mts Henglafjoll The... more

Mts Blafjoll

The Blue Mountain range stretches to the west from Mt Vifilsfell near the main... more


The total area of this small glacier is about 19 km² It is located just north... more

Mt. Brennisteinsalda

The Brennisteinsalda is a volcano in the south of Iceland Its height is about... more

Mt. Keilir

About Keilir Mt Keilir is a hyaloclastite mountain on the Reykjanes Peninsula... more

Mt. Brennisteinsfjoll

About Mt Brennisteinsfjoll The Sulphur Mountains are to the south of the... more

Mt. Sulur Hike

Distance to summit about 5 km Vertical ascent about 880 m The route is marked... more

Mt Kaldbakur Westfjords

About Kaldbakur Mt Kaldbakur (998 m) is the highest mountain of the Westfjords... more

Mt Maelifellshnjukur

About Maelifellshnjukur Mt Maelifellshnjukur (1138 m) is located to the south... more

Mts Kverkfjoll

Kverkfjoll is a mountain massif underneath and on the northern edge of the... more

Mt. Sandfell

About Sandfell The rhyolite laccolith Sandfell /743m) is located south of the... more

Selatangar – Mt. Festarfjall

About Selatangar - Festarfjall Wherever the coastal landscape of the southwest... more

Mt Skjaldbreidur

About Skjaldbreidur This beautiful and symmetric prototype of shield volcanoes... more


About Stapafell Mt Stapafell is a hyaloclastite mountain on the Reykjanes... more

Mt Thorbjorn / Mt Fagradalsfjall

About Mt Thorbjorn /Mt Fagradalsfjall Mt Thorbjorn (Thorbjarnarfell) is a free... more


About Thorolfsfell Mt Thorolfsfell (574 m) is located east of the inhabited... more

Mt Tindastoll

About Mt Tindastoll Mt Tindastoll (995 m) is about 18 km long and a prominent... more


About Trolladyngja Trolladyngja is a hyaloclastite mountain to the north of... more

Mt Trollakirkja, Holtavorduheidi

About Trollakirkja Mt Trollakirkja is a high and a prominent mountain on the... more


About Vadalfjoll Mts Vadalfjoll are located straight to the north of... more


About Kaldbakur in Eyjafjordur Mt Kaldbakur (1167 m) protrudes from the... more

Herdubreid and Herdubreidarlindir

About Herdubreid and Herdubreidarlindir There is a mountain range east of The... more


About Hlodufell Mt Hlodufell is a beautifully shaped table mountain to the... more


The English name of this 1128 m high mountain is The Obsidian Skerry It is... more

Mt. Vordufell

About Vordufell Mt Vordufell (391 m) is a triangularly shaped mountain to the... more

Mt. Hestfjall

About Hestfjall Mt Hestfjall (317 m) rises gradually higher from the south to... more

Hagongur Mountains

About Hagongur Hagongur is the name of two similar mountains, The Northern-H... more

Mt. Fjordungsalda

About Fjordungsalda This low mountain (972m) is actually an old and heavily... more


The mountain massif Kerlingarfjoll (The Ogress' Mountains; 800 - 1500 m) is the... more


Kistufell This mountain protrudes up to 1444 m (4,765 feet) above sea level... more


About Kverkfjoll Kverkfjoll is a mountain massif underneath and on the... more

Mt. Laugafell

About Laugafell The mountains Laugafell and Laugafellshnjukur (892 and 987 m)... more

Mt. Snaefell

About Snaefell The Snowy Mountain (Sierra Nevada) is the highest freestanding... more

Mt. Arnarfell

Mt Arnarfell (1143m) is almost engulfed by the southeastern part of Glacier... more

Mt Breidamerkurfjall

Mt Breidamerkurfjall (774m) is an outcrop of the country’s highest mountain,... more

Mt. Lomagnupur

Mt Lomagnupur is a prominent 688 m high and precipitous promontory on the south... more

Heimaklettur Mountain

This low mountain is one of the northern outposts of the Heimaey Island It... more

Kirkjufell & Kirkjufellsfoss

About Kirkjufell Mt Kirkjufell (463m) is a beautifully shaped and a symmetric,... more


Helgrindur Southwest of the fishing town Grundarfiord is rather a high and... more


About Breidavík Breidavik is an abandoned farm and was a parsonage in the... more