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The Greater Reykjavik Area

Area 1,062.2 km2 (410.1 sq mi)
Population (2016) 216,940
Density 204.2/km2 (529/sq mi)

Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland and the only city as such in the country. Roughly 123 thousand people live in Reykjavik but some 217 thousand people in the Greater Reykjavik Area. The Greater Reykjavik Area is made up of Reykjavik and six municipalities around it; Kopavogur, Hafnarfjordur, Gardabaer, Mosfellsbaer, Seltjarnarnes and Kjosarhreppur.

Over 60% of Iceland’s population live in the Greater Reykjavik Area, but that area is only just over 1% of the total size of the country. Reykjavik city has a latitude of 64°08’ N, making it the world’s northernmost capital of a sovereign state.
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Some of the biggest tourist attractions in Reykjavik include Harpa concert hall, Laugavegur shopping street, Hallgrimskirkja church, Perlan and Heidmork nature reserve and now: Hard Rock Costline Saebraut

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