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Kolbeinsey  also known as Kolbeinn's Isle, Seagull Rock, Mevenklint,... more


Geirfuglasker , "Great Auk Rock") was a small islet near Reykjanes, Iceland It... more

Bjarnareyjar Islands Breidafjordur

These islands are the southernmost of the so-called Western Islands of the... more

Island Grimsey on the Steingrimsfjordur Bay

Island Grimsey on the Steingrimsfjordur Bay is the largest off the Strandir... more

Videy Island

About Videy Videy is the largest island of the Kollafjord Bay (1,7 km²) with... more

Puffin Island Lundey

Puffin Island Island Lundey, The Puffin Islands, is a small island a few... more

Grotta Island

Island Grotta is the the point of the Seltjorn Peninsula of which the capital... more

Geldinganes Headland

Geldinganes is a loosely connected headland to the north and northeast of the... more

Engey Island

Engey is the second largest island on the Kolla Bay Its name is most likely... more

Akurey Island

Akurey is the largest puffin colony in Kollafjordur fjord The islannd er... more

The Islands of Reykjavik

About the Islands of Reykjavik Less than 1 km distance from the shore of... more

Eldey Island

About Eldey Island Eldey (The Fire Island) is a 77 m high, sheer rock, with an... more

Ellidaey Island Westman islands

About Ellidaey Island This is the third largest of the Westman Islands It is... more

Bjarnarey Island

About Bjarnarey Island This is the fourth largest of the Westman Islands It is... more

Bjarnarey Island

About Bjarnarey Bjarnarey (Bear Island) is situated off the headland Kollumuli... more

Drangey Island

About Drangey Island The island Drangey is a cliff, approximately 7 hundreds... more

Aedey Island

About Aedey Island This is the largest of four islands on the biggest bay of... more

Breidafjordur Islands, The Thousand islands bay

About The Breidafjordur Islands The Thousand islands bay: This bay is the... more

Vadstakksey Island

About Vadstakksey Island Island Vadstakksey is rather large and high (27m) and... more

Oddbjarnarsker Island

About Island Oddbjarnarsker This westernmost islet of the Breidafiord Bay is... more

Melrakkaey Island

About Melrakkaey Island his small island is situated at the mouth of the... more

Malmey Island

About Malmey Malmey is the larger of the two islands of the Skagafjord Bay It... more

Flatey Island Skjalfanda

About Flatey The island Flatey is situated on the Skjalfanda Bay It is about... more

Hjorsey Island

About Hjorsey Island Hjorsey has an area of 5,5 km2 It is the largest island... more

Hrisey Island

About Hrisey Hrisey is the second largest island of the country, situated on... more

Heimaey Island

About Vestmannaeyjar The Westman Islands, "The Pearl in The Ocean", is an... more

Olafseyjar Islands

About Olafseyjar Islands Islands Olafseyjar have only temporarily been... more

Oxney Island

About Oxney Island Oxney is the second largest island off the Skogarstrond... more

Papey Island

About Papey This is the largest island off the east coast of Iceland, about 2... more

Purkey Island

About Purkey Island Island Purkey belongs to the Dalir District The channel... more

Rifgirdingar Islands

About Rifgirdingar Islands Islands Rifgirdingar almost close the mouth of the... more

Saudeyjar Islands

About Saudeyjar Islands Islands Saudeyjar are situated in the northwest corner... more

Seley Island

About Seley Island Island Seley is a 21 m high, vegetated rocky island 4,6 km... more

Skaleyjar Islands

About Skaleyjar Islands This group of islands comprises of about 160 islands,... more

Skrudur Island

About Skrudur Island Skrudur rises steeply out of the sea just east of the... more

Smaeyjar Islands

About Smaeyjar These are four islands situated to the west of the only... more

Stagley Island

About Stagley Island Island Stagley is the southernmost of the Vestureyjar... more

Surtsey Island

About Island Surtsey The eruption, which created this and other islands around... more

Svefneyjar Island

About Island Svefneyjar Islands Svefneyjar form the innermost part of the... more

Svidnur Island

About Islands Svidnur The Svidnur islands belong to the so-called West Islands... more

Therney Island

About Island Therney This island is just off the coast of the headland Alfsnes... more

Thorisholmi Island

About Island Thorisholmi This island is situated about three km to the south... more

The Westman Islands

The Westman Islands, "The Pearls in The Ocean", is an archipelago of 15 islands... more

Vigur Island

About Vigur Vigur is the second largest island of the Isafjordur Bay It is... more

Heimaklettur Mountain

This low mountain is one of the northern outposts of the Heimaey Island It... more

Klakkeyjar Islands

About Islands Klakkeyjar Islands Klakkeyjar are just north of Island Hrappsey... more

Hvitabjarnarey Island

About Hvitabjarnarey The Polar Bear Island rises about 28 m above sea level... more

Hvallatur Islands

About Islands Hvallatur Islands Hvallatur comprise of three, long and parallel... more

Hvallatur Islands

About the Islands Hvallatur Islands Hvallatur comprise of three, long and... more

Hrappsey Island

About Island Hrappsey This island is just southwest of Island Purkey,... more

Hoskuldsey Island

About Hoskuldsey Island Hoskuldsey is about 450 m long and 150 m wide The farm... more

Hergilsey Island

About Hergilsey The first documented source mentioning this island is the... more

Gvendareyjar Islands

About Gvendareyjar Islands Gvendareyjar are located off the Skogarstrond... more

Fagurey Island

About Fagurey Island Fagurey is relatively flat and vegetated Low cliffs... more

Gjardeyjar Islands

About Gjardeyjar This group of islands is situated to the east of Island... more

Ellidaey Island

About Island Ellidaey This is rather a large island to the northwest of the... more

Brokey Island

About Brokey This is the largest of the islands of the Breidafiord Bay and... more

Bjarneyjar Islands

About Bjarneyjar These islands are the southernmost of the so-called Western... more

Bildsey Island

About Island Bildsey This island is to the north-northeast of the town... more

Flatey island

Flatey is the largest of the Western Islands on the Breiðafjordur The Thousand... more


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