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Region: East Iceland
Coordinates: 65.1868743° N 14.2448469° W

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The largest town in the eastern region is Egilsstadir, but the oldest municipality is Djupivogur, which got their trading license in 1589.

Seydisfjordur is the landing place for the Smyril Line ferry from Europe but in addition to that, Seydisfjordur boasts a very vibrant culture scene.

Borgarfjordur eystri is one of the smaller towns in the region but one of Iceland’s most beloved artists, Johannes Kjarval, grew up there. He created some of his most memorable work in Borgarfjordur eystri and art lovers can enjoy the paintings in a museum created in his honor in the town.

The towns of East fjords are: BakkafjordurBorgarfjordur EastBraiddalsvikDjupivogurEgilsstadirEskifjordurFaskrudsfjordurHofn in HornafjordurMjoifjordurNeskaupsstadurReydarfjordurSeydisfjordurStodvarfjordurVopnafjordur.

The most famous attraction in East Iceland is without a doubt Skriduklaustur – Lagarfljot Hengifoss HallormsstadurSaenautasel

Other popular attractions include Petra stone museumPapey island Teigarhorn

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