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Hotel Lake Egilsstadir

Region: East Iceland
Coordinates: 65.2668743° N 14.3948469° W

Guesthouse – Lake Hotel Egilsstadir

Guesthouse – Lake Hotel Egilsstadir is an established and renowned, family-run, hotel in a farming district. It meets all modern requirements as to standards of services and amenities, quality, sophistication, and comfort. Yet it faithfully maintains its ethnic origins, as the hotel was founded in 1903, which provides its unique atmosphere. Guests can choose between residing in rooms decorated in a romantic style with antiques in the older part of the hotel or ones furnished in a contemporary stylish way located in the more recent part. Guesthouse – Lake Hotel Egilsstadir is built on the river banks of the great and beautiful Lagarfljot by the town of Egilsstadir and is as such centrally situated in East-Iceland. It is comfortably located for transport via air or by land, only a stone throw away from main route 1 and Egilsstadir airport.

Badhusid – SPA is situated on the ground floor of Guesthouse – Lake Hotel Egilsstadir. It features a comfortable, indoor hot tub (40°C) and a mild sauna which combines the comforts of the steam room and the dry sauna. There is also a cool sitting pool at 10°C. Relaxing areas are both indoors and outside. The view from Badhusid – SPA across the lake Lagarfljot is very beautiful. Bathrobes and towels are provided in the dressing rooms and it is possible to rent swimsuits if necessary.

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