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Kalfagerdi farm

Kalfagerdi, a farm, home of the 18th century Kalfa­gerdi brothers, guilty of... more

Thingvellir National Park

The Parliamentary Plains are the most important historic site of the country... more


Froda is an abandoned farm and a former church site a few kilometres to the... more

The convent of Reynistadur

The convent of Reynistadur was initiated by Jonrundur, bishop of the northern... more

Iceland Cost line from Vatnsnes to Langanes

Marine life is common in the north and many towns are dedicated to the sea The... more

Alfholl elf mound

This remarkable hillock is on the southwestern outskirts of the fishing hamlet... more

WITCHCRAFT and SCORCERY in Westfjords and Strandir

The witch hunt in Europe started around the year 1480 and continued to the turn... more

Gilsfjordur Ogres

Once there were three night ogres, who intended to cut the Westjords from the... more


Eiriksstadir is an abandoned farmstead in the Haukadalur valley According to... more

Open Air Museum Arbaer

This museum is a part of the Municipal History Museum Its main function is to... more


According to the Kjalnesinga Saga the first settler in the area, Korpulfur,... more

Hofdi House

The origin of the Hofdi house is traced back to the times, when French... more


Nowadays the point Gufunes is a part of the most populous quarter of Reykjavik,... more

The Cabinet House

The so-called Cabinet House (Stjornarrad) has carried a few names since it was... more

Kudafljot River

About Kudafljot River The glacial river Kudafljot in south Iceland has a large... more


About Orlygsstadir Orlygsstadir is a historic site in the Blonduhlid Area in... more

Sanda Village

About Sanda Village The remainders of a base, built by the British and... more


About Saudanes The former rectory at Saudanes stood in the middle of the... more

Surtsey Island

About Island Surtsey The eruption, which created this and other islands around... more


About Skriduklaustur This renowned, ancient manor was called Skrida up to the... more

Laugarvatnsvellir Plains

About Laugarvatnsvellir Laugarvatnsvellir is a large grassy area, a former... more

Adalbol Farm

The former estate is situated in the Hrafnkell Valley, a small branch from the... more

Orrustuholl Mound

About Orrustuholl The Argument Mound protrudes from the eastern Skafta Fire... more

Thykkvibaerklaustur Closter

Thykkvabaearklaustur is presently a church site in the county Alftaver, and was... more

Hjorleifshofdi Headland

Hjorleifshofdi is a freestanding, 221 m high hyaloclastite headland on the... more

Ranga Burial Site

Early 19th century sources mention two burial grounds about 2½ km east of... more

Hlidarendi Farm

Hlidarendi is a farm and a church site in the Fljotshlid County Catholic... more


Reykholt is one of the most important historical places in Iceland and a... more


About Geitland Geitland is a relatively barren and sanded lava area between... more

Borg in Myrar

About Borg in Mýrar The parsonage Borg is situated a short distance northeast... more


About Laugarbrekka Laugarbrekka is an abandoned farm in the Breidavik County... more


A former site of a farm, that was abandoned as early as around the year 1000,... more


The central western peninsula, Snaefellsnes, is one of the most Saga invested... more


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