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Iceland Cost line from Vatnsnes to Langanes

Region: North Iceland
Coordinates: ° N ° W

Marine life is common in the north and many towns are dedicated to the sea.
The only sea battle of the country’s history and Sturlunga Saga battels was in north Iceland.
Eventually small battels and attacks it came to a showdown in early days in North Iceland!

Hvammstangi has a Seal Center, and route along Vatnsnes shoreline, the traveller should not miss the great number of common grey- and harbour seals near their rookeries on the cliffs off the west coast, the myriad of different bird species, and the natural sculpture Hvitserkur off the eastern shoreline

Skagastrond has fishing in nearby lakes and rivers is plentiful, which also attracts many visitors.

Siglufjordur has a long history of herring fishing, usually called The Herring Adventure.

Olafsfjordur is a town on a synonymous bay.

Dalvik is a town on a synonimous cove, which branches off Bay Eyjafjordur, Iceland’s longest bay. The town is situated at the mouth of the fertile valley Svarfadardalur. Its economy is based on fishing and the fish industry, but the travel trade has shown steady increase.

Akureyri, the fourth largest town of the country is often called “The Capital of the North” and also “The Danish Town”. Its oldest parts are situated on the southernmost narrow strip of land and the spit of land, called “Oddeyri”, at the end of the long bay Eyjafjordur.

Husavik is often called the whale watching capital of Iceland and boosts an impressive Whale Museum.

Kopasker fishing village is situated on the eastern side of the big Oxarfjordur Bay
The plateau Melrakkasletta (Arctic Fox Plain) is the northernmost part of the mainland, almost on the arctic circle and closest to the midnight sun

Thorshofn village has been an authorized trading post since 1836. It has a good, natural harbour and the inhabitants base their livelihood on fishing, fish processing and commerce. It is situated on the peninsula Langanes.


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Nearby Iceland Cost line from Vatnsnes to Langanes

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Nearby Iceland Cost line from Vatnsnes to Langanes

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