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Mt Hekla eruptions

Mt Hekla - Historical eruptions according to geologist Sigurdur... more

Murders and Executions The Highlands

According to the Book of Settlements (in the early 12th century) and the... more

Kaldidalur Saga

The Kaldidalur route F-550) was much traveled in the past, especially between... more

Domadalur Route Saga

The Domadalur Route is actually the westernmost part of the ancient Landmanna... more

Highland Saga Gaesavotn route

This route is one of the most interesting and adventurous for 4wd vehicles in... more


Mt Bardarbunga is the second highest elevation of the country, just below 2000... more


HIGHLAND ROUTES Outlaws - Thieves - Ghosts - Evil Spirits Old and Present... more

Travel Guide Sprengisandur Route

Region: Highland Coordinates: 648666632 ° N 181166662° W This part of... more


Bardargata is the name of a route from the Bardardalur Valley in the north... more


This lake is mostly surrounded with lava fields and breathtakingly colourful... more

GUNNARSSONAVATN: Arnarvatnsheidi

Lake Gunnarssonavatn lies on the border of the district Myrarsysla It has an... more


Lake Hvitarvatn has an area of 29,4 km² Its greatest depth is 84 m and it is... more

The Myth of Holy Grail on Kjolur Route

In 2004, a team of Italian researchers began an excavation in Iceland searching... more

Urdarhals Hill.

About Urdarhals This hill is the remainder of a glacier scraped dolomite... more

Mts Kverkfjoll

Kverkfjoll is a mountain massif underneath and on the northern edge of the... more

Thjofafoss – Trollkonuhlaup

These waterfalls just east of Mt Burfell look more like rapids when River... more


About Hvannalindir The Hvannalindir area is a vegetated oasis, 640 m above sea... more


Hveravellir (The Hot Spring Fields) is a very interesting low temperature area... more

Karlsdrattur Cove

About Karlsdrattur The cove is situated just east of the northern glacier... more

Granahaugar Burial Site

About Granahaugar Short distance north of Buland in Skaftartunga lies the way... more

Fjallabak Sydra Route

The Fjallabak sydra (south) or middle route lies from the west to east just... more


About Eyvindarkofaver Eyvindarkofaver is a relatively well-vegetated marsh... more

Eiriksjokull Glacier

Glacier Eiriksjokull (1,675 m) has an area of about 22 km sq and rests on top... more


About Kidagil This gorge represents the northern boundary of the Sprengisandur... more


Cave Landmannahellir at the foot of Mt Hellisfjall south of Mt Lodmundur and... more

Landmannaleid route

About Landmannaleid Kringla This area on the Landmanna Route could be called... more

Mt. Laugafell

About Laugafell The mountains Laugafell and Laugafellshnjukur (892 and 987 m)... more


Marteinsflaeda The area called Marteinsflaeda is north of Lakes Gaesavotn, and... more

Nyidalur – Jokuldalur

Both names, The New Valley (Nyidalur) and The Glacial Valley (Jokuldalur) are... more


About Thjofadalir The Valleys of Thieves are situated between the second... more


About Thjorsarver This vast (150 km²) and sparsely vegetated area on both... more

Beinaholl Mound

About Beinaholl (Bone Mound) This topographic name refers to the vegetated... more

The Odadahraun Lava Fields

About Odadahraun This name refers to the largest lava area of the country... more

Mt. Askja – Dyngjufjoll

The Odadahraun lava desert This is the vastest lava area of the country The... more

Mt. Arnarfell

Mt Arnarfell (1143m) is almost engulfed by the southeastern part of Glacier... more

Arnardalur Valley

About Arnardalur Valley Arnardalur is located 25 km south of farm Modrudalur a... more


About Vonarskard The Pass of Hope is named after an event, which took place... more

Vatnajokull Glacier – Europes Largest Icecap

Vatnajokull (2110m) was named after sub-glacial lakes in a very volcanically... more

Mt. Hekla – Volcano

Mt Hekla The most "renowned or infamous" volcano of Iceland, Hekla, is... more