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Ulfarsfell Hiking

Ulfarsfell is a small mountain in Reykjavik area Ulfarsfell is located between... more

Sudurnamur Hiking

For one-day visitors, the most popular hiking trails in Landmannalaugar are the... more

Blahnukur mountain (Blue Peak Mountain)

Blahnjukur mountain hiking The elevation from the service center... more

Iceland Highland Hiking Trails

List of hiking treks in Iceland Select your destination and find the best... more

Hard Rock Coastline Hiking Saebraut

Hard Rock Coastline Hiking Reykjavik Saebraut Is total of 9 Kmlong and only... more

Tindfjallasel. Hungurfit

Tindfjallasel, Hungurfit replaces the older cabin of the Air Rescue... more


This farm is situated on Lake Hofdavatn in the Hofdastond County, District... more

Hiking Myvatn area

There are many interesting hiking routes in the Lake Myvatn area Following are... more


Latrastrond is the north easternmost coastal area of the Eyjafiord Bay It was... more

KJOS Mosardal Skaftafell

The walk across the colourful rhyolite alluvium at the foot of the rhyolite... more


Precipitous mountains and steep screes frame cove Bolungarvik To the north is... more

Mt KAMBUR Strandir

Walking distance 13-14 km Time 6-7 hours A relatively easy walk Mt Kambur is... more

Mt. Sulur Hike

Distance to summit about 5 km Vertical ascent about 880 m The route is marked... more

Mt Kerling

Mt Kerling is the highest mountain near inhabited areas in the northern part of... more

Mt Thorbjorn / Mt Fagradalsfjall

About Mt Thorbjorn /Mt Fagradalsfjall Mt Thorbjorn (Thorbjarnarfell) is a free... more


About Thorsmork Thorsmork is one of the brightest pearls on the string of... more

Hiking Trails Kverkfjoll and Hvannalindir

Hiking Trail Suggestions 1 Hut Sigurdarskali - Ice Cave The distance from the... more

Askja Trail: Hike from Herdubreidalindir to Svartarkot

The walking distance is about 100 km The only major obstacle is the shortage of... more


Asbyrgi certainly is one of nature’s wonders It is a 3½ km long canyon with... more

Hiking Holaskjol to Thorsmork or Landmannalaugar

This spectacular hiking trail and bridle path winds between mountains and... more

Oraefajokull Glacier (Peak Hvannadalshnjukur)

Oraefajokull is the highest mountain of the country, 2,110 m, and stretches to... more


About Glymur This is the highest waterfall of the country, 200 metres (660... more

Djupalon & Dritvik Coves

Djupalon og Dritvik Djupalon is a pebble beach cove with bizarre lava... more


Skjaldbjarnarvik The northernmost farm of the Strandir District was situated... more


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